Thursday, March 14, 2013

Right at this very moment

A man’s face is radiating with a gigantic smile, and his wife’s is displaying tears of happiness and relief, as they both land their eyes on their newborn child for the very first time.

A woman, carrying her son to her waist, is wearing black and weeping as she sees her husband, back from army duty, get buried in his grave.

A family are enjoying a home-made meal in their living room as they watch the kids’ favorite movie.

A five year old girl is forced to run away from home and onto the streets after her step-mother injured her head, beating her with a metal rod, and her father tied her to the rooftop for upsetting his new wife when she went to him for help.

Five women are taking a picture to show the generations elapsed between them, from great, great grandmother to grand-daughter.

A boy and his sister are running in circles in the back yard, trying to outrun their dog, and failing.

A girl and her brother are heartbroken, as they pet and cuddle their cat for the last time before they have to let her go.

Someone is asleep in a warm, cozy king bed all covered in silk, and dreaming of falling.

Someone is asleep in a corner on a cold, wet sidewalk, and dreaming of flying.

A young man is nervous, thinking about telling her how he feels.

A young woman rather likes him, but will refuse, because he reminds her too much of her father.

A group of teenagers are meeting to create an initiative that would leave a positive impact on their community.

Another group are getting together to make another Harlem Shake video.

A writer just typed the last words of his novel that he’s been working on for eight years.

A child is learning to trace the letter “A” for the very first time.

Someone has finally climbed to the peak of that mountain.

Someone has overcome a life-long personality problem.

Someone is spending the 7th day in a row, on a couch in front of the TV, watching reality shows.

Someone is tweeting about life.

Someone bumped their toe in the corner of a table.

A 50 year old woman is crying, feeling hurt and lonely, having been single all her life.

A 50 year old woman is crying, feeling hurt and lonely, having been recently divorced from her cheating ex-husband.

A man is losing his temper and insulting the woman who chose to stand by him the most.

A man is lovingly holding his partner in their living room, swaying her to soft music.

Someone dipped the tip of their paintbrush in paint, to draw the sun on a piece of white paper at school.

Someone dipped the tip of their paintbrush in paint, to place the final stroke on their masterpiece that’s going to be placed in a museum.

A man is wearing five layers of clothes and a hefty coat on top, as he attempts to go outside in the snow to get a few supplies.

A man is wearing nothing but a piece of animal skin, as he maneuvers through the jungle to hunt for sustenance.

A woman is going under the knife, to get a nose job for her already perfect nose.

A woman is going under the knife, to attempt to have her breast cancer removed.

Someone’s getting in bed to sleep.

Someone’s getting out of bed to start their day.

A child is having spaghetti and meat balls, followed with a bowl of fruit salad.

A child is knocking on car windows at an intersection, for any change spared to be able to buy the day’s single bag of chips.

A young adult has just graduated from university, with dreams of what could be given to the world.

Another has just graduated, with dreams of what could be taken from the world.

Someone is holding his little girl’s hands as she takes her first steps.

Someone is holding his mother’s hands as she struggles to walk in her old age.

Someone is speaking the truth.

A million are babbling nonsense.

Someone is taking a picture that will freeze this moment of time for as long as the picture exists.

And someone else, just like me, must also be wondering about all the different things that are happening right at this very moment.

Originally written for The Clairvoyance Collective here.
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