Monday, August 13, 2012

To mitigate the effect of the previous list, and also: 16 days left!

25 things that cheer me up and make me all giddy inside:

Undoubtedly on the top of this list, even though I never really order them, is Mr. Pheel. Sensible, comforting, hilarious, and all-round awesome. A real blues-buster, musically and figuratively.

An open, honest, heart-to-heart.

Good chocolate.

When my cat hops near me for a snuggle.

Any kind of snuggle.

Uplifting/happy/exciting music.

Friends going out of their way to cross mine.

Soon as I step into El-Madrasa, meeting my second family there.

Making things, digitally or in craft. Bonus cheer-up points if they actually turn out nice.

Traveling. The prospect, the plan and it itself.

Kindness, especially from strangers, or unexpected sources, or at unexpected times.

Pleasant surprises.

Flowers in blossom. Planted, not cut up.

Inspiring stories.

Warm sunshine. Not the scorching kind.

Relaxing aromas, whether oil or incense.

A good night's sleep.

Working out and feeling a positive change in figure or fitness.

Monty Python.

Camping out and waking up with the sunrise.

Long walks in Zamalek on a sunny Saturday morning.


Old people holding hands, or with arms around each other, or out together walking a dog. OK, basically any sighting of old people.


Shopping and almost magically finding perfect matches for everything together without having to go bankrupt.

Hearing great news in the lives of people I love.

And you guys reading through these lists and commenting about them. Cheers me up alright. Yes it does.
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