Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lujee by the numbers

With 21 days to a quarter-century, here are 25 numbers of yours truly.

36  the average number of tabs I'll have open in my browser at any given point in time.
7  sports I've taken up and seriously played, till I stopped everything because I couldn't keep it up with university.
3  the shameful number of books I've read in the whole of last year.
12  years I've had my cat, Kiki, as well as her age.
10  the average number of times I'll snap at other drivers who can't hear me on my 20-minute drive to work and back.

50  tracks on my iPod that would make my you cringe.
2  the number of hours it DOESN'T take me to get ready to go out. Thank you for generalizing.
4  projects I'm brewing and would like to get to seeing them done.
3  times today, I've gone out of my room to do something and forgotten what it was midway.
11  countries I've been to so far.

0  cups of tea with milk this morning.
4  cups of tea with milk I generally consume per day.
20  number of times I've regretted not having my cup of tea with milk.
30  recipes I've looked up since the beginning of Ramadan.
1    recipe I've actually tried out.

2  trees in sight from my bedroom windows.
80 bajillion  birds chirping at the break of dawn despite there being 2 trees in sight.
5  puns intended.
0  the number of Egyptians it takes to change a light bulb. Because the power's almost always out these days anyway.
infinite  love.
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