Saturday, August 11, 2012

25 pieces of advice

For as long as I could remember, people have been bestowing all sorts of advice upon me whether I asked for it or not. Some were absolutely horrible, like "Keep your hobbies as just that so you don't get bored of them and then you'll have nothing to retreat to", or "Don't use vanilla extract because it has alcohol, even if the bottle doesn't say so", or my favorite, "You have a problem with X? You really MUST eat more".

I can't claim to have had enough life experience to give out advice with a tried-and-tested seal of approval, but as far as I can tell, some of the ones I've received are exceptionally good to live by.
Whether received or discovered, here are some of the better ones that have come my way:

- Marry a man you'd be absolutely proud if your son turned out exactly like him.

- Don't be greedy. Don't be lazy. Avoid mental deafness.

- Accept that you won't really be teaching that driver a lesson.

- Smile at people, whether they smile back or not. And don't listen to those who tell you that being so cheerful is creepy! They're the depressing creeps.

- Say your "thank you"s genuinely, and say them often. It isn't just for the person receiving it, but for yourself as well.

- Own your mistake. Even if you could ambiguously leave it on someone else's plate.

- Offer your seat to someone who looks more tired than you, regardless of their age or gender.

- Energy likes to be spent, or it hurts its hoarder.

- Extend grace, and don't fish for credit.

- There might not always be someone to take care of you, learn to take care of yourself. Make your own dinner. Do your own laundry. Make your own money. Know where things are, and how to get there without help. Cluelessness with the basics creeps into other areas of your life, and before you know it, you turn into a parasite.

- Get yourself in check first before lamenting others.

- Treat people in the service industry with respect and grace, and (unless everything has gone horribly haywire, and it’s their fault), leave a tip if a tip can be left. You can measure someone’s character by how they treat the people who have no power over their lives.

- Consistency beats sporadic grand gestures.

- You don't need to always make your own mistakes, learn from others' along the way.

- A balanced meal is one that ends in chocolate.

- One can never take too many pictures.

- If you're not good at something, surround yourself by people who are.

- The loudest things about you should be your laugh, your cheers, and your sneeze.

- The quietest things about you should be your engine, your style, and your confidence.

- Be ready to give an answer for what you believe — but live it so clearly that no one needs to ask.

- Investing in one great pair (or bag, or almost anything) that lasts is always less expensive than buying five cheap pairs that don’t.

- Work the hours it takes to do a great job — even if they end up being a little longer than the ones you got paid for.

- Seek good balance in everything you do.

- Giving isn’t a nicety, it’s a necessity.

- Never stop telling people you love that you love them, that way they never forget.

And on that note, I sincerely thank you all who have read through this to the end. 
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