Saturday, August 4, 2012

25 days (and posts - heads up!) to 25

25 seems like such a large number. I hadn't even gotten used to telling people I'm 23 or 24 yet, and it seems like time's stealing my years before I can realize it's happening. Older people will think I'm being silly, what do I know of "ageing" at 25, but it's more than I thought I'd be when I used to write letters to "my older self" at the age of 12. I wrote letters (that become more hilarious as the years go by) to my 16, 18 and 21 year old selves, then I might have thought I wouldn't need any more of them past being 21 and that I'd have already grown up and gotten things figured out. 21 seemed a lifetime away. The poor, naive child.

More than that, from here on out, it seems like the years of being a "young adult" are behind me, leaving only wrinkles, hair loss and a slower comprehension of things ahead. It feels like being at that top curve on a roller coaster, a slow ascent before it and a steep descent shortly after.

Psh, fine, I'm exaggerating.

25 is only the beginning in countless ways. Having collected a small arsenal of experiences and knowledge in the few years before it, this is the time to take on the world, and myself before it, with all I've got.
In fact, I've decided to think of becoming 25 as positively as possible and celebrate it as some sort of landmark. A pivotal point after which a lot of things would be changing. So for the next 25 days till I'm 25, I'll be making 25 lists (because I LOVE them) of many different things that are of me or things I've learned or experienced in the (almost) quarter-century I've lived so far.

Today, I have five lists of fives.

Here goes.

5 places yet to go to and very excited to experience

South America (on an at least three-month tour)
Africa (preferably on a long road trip)
The north pole

5 places already gone to and would love to see again

Rome, Italy. Hands down, my most favorite city ever.
Hagenberg, Austria. Where I spent a year working on my master studies.
Siwa, Egypt. Something about it that I can't quite explain, but it's one of my most favorite around here.
Korana, Croatia. Heaven. On. Earth.
My grandmother's place. Too many memories there, and haven't gone since she passed away.

5 things I'm really terrible at

Putting up with absolute nonsense for the sake of politics.
Keeping up with my brother, who is wonderful, and deserves I try harder.
Exercising on a regular schedule. *sigh*, those good ol' days.
Asking for money, or talking about it in general.
Telling left from right.

5 things that make my heart swell up

Bear-hugs that engulf you like you'd be lost in a sea of clouds.
The sight of the mountains, especially after having climbed them.
Young animals of any kind.
Kind gestures, and especially those from strangers.

5 things that will never grow old

Mom cuddles.
Hand-written letters.
The Beatles.
Black and white Arabic films.

And I'll try my best to be on that list myself.
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