Monday, August 6, 2012

23 (seems just like yesterday) to 25

In Arabic, we have an expression that goes "خير الأمور الوسط", which literally means "the best of things is the median". This is to say that maintaining a good balance, and not dropping to either extreme of anything, is the best way to go.

Whether I completely agree with the proverb, have other thoughts about it, or unfortunately have been unwisely influenced regarding it in the past, is for another time.

Today's list is about those things that I gladly let tip the balance.

25 things I may, in fact, enjoy too much

Making lists
Pizza. Extra cheese.
Just BEING in a good stationary shop
Turning up the volume to something cheerful and/or jumpy, and dancing around the house when nobody's around

Watching him play music in general. And with his bands, especially when they're being funny, in specific.
His lines in everything he sketches.
Long, warm showers after a workout
The beach

Victoria's Secret fruit lip glosses, because they taste the best
Grocery shopping. I will take ALL my time.
Wearing fuzzy socks in the winter and sliding across the house
Hot chocolate and a snuggle
An aromatic red berry tea

Sarcasm, only when it's not angrily directed at me
Kissing my cat's nose
Surfing Pinterest. All you haters just don't know how to do it right.
Arguing my point
Comfy couches that devour you. If you have one and I happen to get on it, getting me off of it will be as easy as teaching fish to read.

Collecting thingamajigs and whatsamabobs. Small things from places I've been to and such.
The smell of markers
Getting to know new people
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