Friday, August 10, 2012

19 to go, and I'm thankful for...

How Ramadan still brings people together. I don't get the chance to meet some family members except once every year during this time (because they'd be traveling or I'd be traveling or all kinds of things), so remembering they exist is quite nice. Also, during the rest of the year, it's difficult to catch all of us (in the smaller family unit) at a certain time to sit and have a meal together. Everyone's on his own schedule and we basically meet by coincidence. Gathering around a table, at the same time, every day, for a month, and spending that time together is something to be truly grateful for.

Mom. For everything that she does, and everything that she is, despite everything she had/has to go through. Superwoman's got nothing on her.

Everything she's taught me.

El-madrasa. I've never believed in a place, its people, or its purpose as much as I do with this one. NGO, philosophy school and a house of life that blew a fresh breath of it back into me when I needed it the most. I would've really liked for our roads to have crossed much earlier than they did, but I'm eternally grateful that they eventually did nevertheless, and that such a place exists in the first place.

Having a home to return to every night.

That I grew up with pets. They were mostly cats and birds, but I see and appreciate how it affected how I became.

Laughter. And how it doesn't take all that much to get me giggling, and how that makes every day so much better.

People who believe in me and keep steering exciting possibilities my way.

Lists of all kinds.

My whole amazing group of friends, who know me well and love me anyway.

The Internet. While it is a den of thieves and a refuge for jackals and other things that sound dramatic and indicate the presence of crap-tacular people, it’s also a place I’ve found community, work, friends and knowledge.

Feeling much more enthusiastic about the future and all that's to come than worried.

The joy and inspiration good music brings.

All my creative musical friends' lovely tunes and songs. Pheel, Double Barrel, Shady Ahmed, Hany Mustafa, Salalem and lots more very talented young fellows.

Almost never feeling bored unless I'm at the office and have to do some mind-numbing donkey-work.

A body that helps me see well, hear well, smell, taste, touch and go where I need to go. I'm not in my healthiest state and know I should take better care of it so it's not mean to me later on, but it's been taking my abuse so far and I wanted to let it know that I appreciate it.

Being able to travel across the world in just a few hours. OK, in double-digit hours, but STILL! Back in the day, it would take them months just to get across Egypt with their camels.

Pleasant dreams.

Warm, heart-felt hugs.

Nutella and whoever invented it.

Treasured memories.

Him. If I loved him more, my heart would probably pop out of my chest and try and hug someone, which would be messy and weird and awkward with all the blood, not to mention I'd probably die and then my heart would have to forge a life for itself, which is tough since it doesn't have any ID or money or clothes. That took a weird turn. But he'd understand, and I'll be even more thankful.

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