Saturday, January 7, 2012

This is only a test

Coming from a computer engineering background, testing things has been a huge deal for us. After every block of code, after adding a new function, or when making any alterations at all actually. We continually try things out, make sure they work, then try out things some more.I'm sure it's the same for other disciplines as well, to different extents and with a lot more applications. 
Unfortunately it seems that we've forgotten this approach when pursuing our careers or making certain choices in our lives.
It often feels like everything is so serious - that if you make one mistake, it will all end in disaster. But everything we do is really just a test, an experiment to “see what happens”.
My favorite times in life so far have often started with a “see what happens” spirit.
Let's see what happens if I just go to China for a month.
Let's see what happens if I get back in contact with this really old friend.
Let's see what happens if I live alone for a year abroad.
Let's see what happens if I send this really famous person an email.
The ensuing events that were triggered by all these moments when I decided to see what happens have been nothing short of spectacular.

There is no failure. There can't be, if your only mission was to “see what happens”.
This is a test. This is only a test. There is no downside. Try everything.
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