Thursday, January 12, 2012

There goes the sun

I wonder why people, no matter where they're from, and all through time, have had and still have such an undeniable fascination with sunsets and sunrises.

Taken by Tom Anderson

They've been painted, written about, photographed, and filmed, and yet never get old. You get the feeling that they heal you, revive you, fill you with hope, calm you down, help you meditate, remind you of significant memories and people, and engulf you completely in their masterful canvases. No matter what else goes on through the day, you stand there infront of the colours, leave a wave of stillness wash over you, and let yourself connect with something much grander than you and all the earthly events are. A lot of times, they're also as painful as they are beautiful.

But I wonder why that's the case with almost all of the people that have ever existed. What is it that makes a sunset or a sunrise so special? Is it because nature gives us a unique, one of a kind painting every time? Is it because we're reminded of beginnings and endings, or the cyclic nature of life?

Is it because they make us feel closer to the One - or put in another way, one with the Universe and everything and everyone in it? Maybe these times of the day have special energies of their own that haven't been concretely (scientifically) proven yet.

Maybe we belong to the sun, and the sun belongs to us. Maybe there's a sun in each one of us, that longs to unite with its origin, and its siblings. 

Ah well, that's one of the ways I like thinking about it anyway.

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