Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday Love List: "My mom's not old" edition

Today's my mom's birthday. 
Actually, it's on Saturday but I'm taking advantage of the night shift to stick it to a Friday love list. Back off, technically correct people! (which normally includes yours truly, but I'm taking the day off)

She's 50 this year. Like the Egyptian TV broadcast. She wouldn't mind me telling you that too, because people normally mistake her to be significantly younger.

She's beautiful, and talented, and funny, and the kind of person people depend on when they can't depend on anyone else.

She's everyone's mom.

Everyone's sister.

Everyone's wife. No, I'm kidding.

If there's one absolute certainty in my life of 'maybe's, it's knowing that she loves me no matter what, and is always there for me. I know I'm blessed, to say the least.

That's why today's love list is for mom! Two, actually.

Things My Mom Loves

The world's most irritating cat, and Kiki
Everyone else
Dinner parties with people she loves
Decorating and design - and she's a genius at it
Lively colours, but not so much that they hurt your eyes
Good food
Growing plants
Beautifully tailored anythings
Antiques and silver-work
Sitting on the seashore, marveling at creation
Traveling, which she doesn't get to do often enough
Painting, drawing, sketching. Also genius.
Helping out less fortunate people
Talking to me about life's matters
Moderation, in almost everything
Storing things for my later use
Restoring things people would normally throw away into awesomeness


Things I Love About My Mom

Her big, amazing heart
Her way with a room - she's the butterfly, the soul, the includer
Her ability to see what people need, and provide it for them without making them ask or feel silly
Her ability to figure out everything about a person from meeting them once
Her faith
Her humbleness despite her greatness (which she never admits to)
Her sense of adventure
Her nurturing ways. I don't like having people around when I'm sick, but nobody gets it right like my mom.
Her eye for the right way to set up a room
Her encyclopedic brain
The twinkle in her eyes and her grin when I make her curious about something
How she sings while she cooks
Her cooking
Her laugh
How her hug feels like the safest and warmest place on the face of the earth
Her sarcasm - yeeouch!
Her generosity
How she's ALWAYS right
That she is capable of doing almost anything if it doesn't defy the rules of physics. I kid you not.
Her insurmountable talent
Her taste
How even our cats love her and choose to sleep nowhere else but on her bed, on the pillows above her head
That I'm born on the same day as her

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