Thursday, June 3, 2010

The number 23

The following my dear somebodies, is a description of one of the freakiest moments I've ever experienced in my life as far as I could remember.

Given that my laptop's hard drive recently broke down and I couldn't really work for the past few days, especially that (because I'm as lucky as a rabbit's foot) it all coincided with a weekend, I've considered myself on a 'forced vacation'. That means going to the gym more often, properly cooking for the first time this semester and wasting friend's times.

One such unfortunate friend who really helped out a lot through it all, Ciprian, and I wanted to watch a movie. Out of a not so short list of them, we decided on Jim Carrey's The Number 23. We were curious to see him in a 'different' role.

Let alone that we couldn't take him seriously and the movie might have been a lot better with, I don't know, Keanu Reeves (although I don't like him all that much) maybe? It's definitely more his genre than Jim Carrey's.. The movie itself was pretty interesting, with all these things getting reduced to 23. And the unexpected turn of events transformed this movie for me from 'meh.' to 'hmm!'.

Now picture this. We're in Hagenberg. A quiet, lonely, quite often freaky place by nature, especially at night. Had just watched that movie. I'm laptopless and my room's horribly quiet.
Ciprian calls.

Cip: I just noticed something.
Me: What?
Cip: I'm staying in room 5028. You're staying in room 5005.
Me (not getting it yet): Yeaah?
Cip: Subtract them!
Me: The most genuine *GASP* in a very very long time.


We go to have some tea and Cip goes : You know what else?
Me: What?
Cip: We have the only two room numbers that if you subtract you get 23 and if you add them you get 10032. 32, a flipped 23.

After letting that all sink in, trying to change the subject and Cipri's eyes twitching as he keeps calculating all sorts of other stuff to freak me out, he finds it.

Cip: Your laptop broke on Friday?
Me: Yep.
Cip: That was the 28th of May. 28/5. 28 minus 5 is 23.

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