Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Loving these stop motion animations!

Remember Wallace and Gromit or Postman Pat? Or those old episodes made to tell the stories of the prophets with clay characters (for those of you from the Arab world)?
These and a lot more similar shows and videos owe their charm to stop motion animation, one of the simplest and most fun animation techniques out there. So much so, that practically anyone with a camera and a PC (and the patience of a saint) could do it!

I've always admired this method of animation. And it's come a long way from Postman Pat, really.
And of course, like many other things left to collect dust on my metaphorical shelf, "if only I had enough time, I'd give it some attention and see what I get"... but we never seem to have enough time for anything anymore. Horrible time management. Think I'll save that for another post.

In the meanwhile, I really wanted to share these short videos of a few killer stop motion animations.

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