Thursday, April 22, 2010

A spark of inspiration

You know when you read/see/smell/taste/touch something and an overflowing gush of emotions runs right through you?
You can't help being taken by it. Absolutely letting go and letting it carry you to wherever it may. Your past, your current thoughts, your dreams.

I've been feeling rather down lately. I've got barely two months left for finishing my master project and thesis, and needless to say, it's "crunch time" here in good ol' Hagenberg.
Being unmotivated at times, nervous, confused or downright bored has become the norm. Also guilty, when trying to do something different while knowing there's loads of work that still needs to be done.

But then my good friend Spuddeh came along, writing this:

"Every day our souls are being touched, affected, pulled, pushed, molded, modeled and shaped by the things we see, situations we experience, the breeze that flows against our faces, the smoke we breathe in, be it intentionally … or not. The noise and the silence, ugliness and beauty, music we listen to, scents we smell, the thrill, the fear, the anxiety, shapes and colors, light and darkness, the taste of what we eat and drink, the calmness and the turbulence… and most importantly by the people we meet, those who linger and those who depart, those who mean something to us and those who don't, the good and the bad, the kind and the mean, those we understand and those we wish we are able to understand, those we look up to as someone great and those we feel responsible towards, the ones we miss, those who miss us when we're gone, those who make us happy and those who make us sad.

Life is bitter yet sweet, sad but beautiful, light and dark.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

And for a little bit of time there, I allowed myself to feel completely inspired.

Thank you ever so much Spud =)

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