Thursday, November 19, 2009


Egypt and Algeria played against each other on the 14th on Egyptian ground.

Algerian bus allegedly attacked by bricks thrown by Egyptians, injuring two Algerian players' heads and one's hand.

A setup by Algerians?

Egypt won 2-0.


Egypt and Algeria played today on Sudanese ground.

Algeria won 1-0 and got qualified for the World Cup.


Fans literally beaten to death!

They cut the roads leading to the airports (that were originally closed!), and buses taking Egyptians there were attacked, badly injuring men, women and children (who takes a kid to something like that anyway!!).

They chase Egyptians down the roads with knives!

Sudanese people help shelter Egyptians till things calm down and *proper* enforcements arrive.

Haven't they won already?! Why the bloodshed?!

"People, please write to FIFA reporting the attack on Egyptians in Sudan and request banning Algeria from participating in the World Cup for their barbaric actions HERE!
Losing is one thing we can tolerate, but NOT TERRORISM."
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