Thursday, November 26, 2009

Reporting from Hagenberg!

*sound fades in with white noise*

Duuu Dururu Du Du Duuuuu!

Welcome to the Hagenberg News Channel, bringing you the latest and hottest news from the faraway land of Absentia. This is the late night/early morning (we don't really classify after 2 am and before going to sleep) news report.

There have been strong signs of life on the floor above. The bass of their techno music has been pumping through the walls all day on Tuesday. Inhabitants have also been heard letting out abrupt bursts of screams. Which was pretty ok, but things got a little suspicious when the guys started doing that as well.

Frederick-Gerald Morcos has developed a fever. He was spotted in the kitchen, Tuesday afternoon, enfolded in much warmer garments. Diana Maris fears swine flu and flees from him whenever they cross paths. Rest assured, his (in)sanity level is still intact though. He was befriending a spider hanging from the ceiling while his rice cooked.

Adriana was also seen Tuesday afternoon, after she had had her cup of tea. She was scratching her weirdly inflamed elbow. Seems like a bad reaction to an ointment for Tendinitis, an unfortunate result of Xtreme ice skating last week.

Wondering what's really got the HGB celebrity gossip media buzzing, though?
Just when you thought you've heard it all... Nardine Basta had a whopping 17 and a half sticks of spaghetti!!

The wondrous creature of light and splendor didn't get much time to bestow her awesomeness on the mortals of Absentia on Tuesday since she slept for 16 hours, after having been exceedingly sleep deprived for 3 days. But had finally found the elusive "Dragostea Din Tei". In over 12 languages.

As for the top news on sports,

After being forcedly awakened by his fellow colleagues, to try and help him regain a more "normal" sleeping pattern, Rami went for a few ping pong matches with Sameh, who has only been heard of but not seen for a couple of days now.

Hilda wa salso seen in the corridors, returning from the Banana Building gym. She seemed to be in pain because of her back injury. Also an unfortunate consequence of Xtreme ice skating. We hope she'll be fit for the grand tournaments at the end of the semester. Sponsors aren't worried though.

On a brighter note, Ciprian has made it safely to Petrosani, Romania after a painstakingly long 17 hour journey. We hope he gets back here safely as well, WITH those eagerly awaited recipes. =p

Wednesday, on the other hand, didn't start off very well. An excruciatingly mind boggling hour and a half of pure abstract maths, described as "listening to very good music" leaves me feeling like I'm completely tone deaf.

This was followed by a "darkest point of the course" machine learning class and grocery shopping from the Turkish market, that seemed to have serious problems the with electric supply (among other things, like not getting blood all over the plastic bag with the meat!), afterwards.

After a long bus ride back to Absentia, the presentation seminar from 7 was quite chocolatey! Daisuke presented winning strategies for the birrerchocoret probrem (a.k.a the bitter chocolate problem), and Sameh sank in a "chocolate factory"... xD
Let's just leave it at that. Lives are at stake here. Namely, mine.

Well that's all for today folks. Thank you for joining us. You've been with Ms. AWESOME, wishing you a pleasant dawn.

*transmission out*

And this is a pretty special dawn too.. It's the wa2fa!
Luckily fasting it here won't be a big problem. The sun rises at 7:18 and sets at 16:08.
But this is the first time I spend Eid El Adha away from home...

Not that I think I'm missing out on the streets reeking with the stench of slaughtered sheep or anything. But definitely missing out on the FOOOOD! And the general extra generous spirit of this holiday. And huge family gatherings. And collecting the "eideyya"! And big outings with friends... *sigh*

But we're planning something special over here too. Very excited about it.
And I'm going to need all your good luck wishes that the cooking trials will turn out ok! Please!

Well, have a WOOONDERFUL Eid everyone! Kol sana wento tayebeen! Especially all the ones who have to spend it away from home.

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