Wednesday, September 9, 2009

World Wide Moment in 3 minutes!

Ah, I'm so excited!

Will update when I take the pic ;D

------------------ (10 minute interval)

So the World Wide Moment is about a set moment in time where people from all over the world will take an instant picture of anything surrounding them and upload it to the WWM website and it'll be added to a gallery, celebrating unity, collaboration and peace!

I find it awesome.

One moment in time .. where EVERYONE.. or well, everyone who's taking part in this, posts a picture they took THAT moment!

Is it just me (I know it's not just me), or do you see the power of something like this too? I think it could be really inspiring!

Oh well, here's my WWM entry!

This is Soubie (from 'Sobia', a milk and coconut drink), my new kitten! Dr Evil (apparently not as evil as he claims) got him for me two days ago. He's the cutest tiny thing ever! And he loves to sit up there on his little soft pillow tower over my bed and keep an eye on things.. Occassionally come down give me a head massage too. And type gibberish to my friends on MSN.

I'm having a GREAT birthday, uhm, little-over-a-week! Hehe.
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