Saturday, September 5, 2009

So this is what I've been up to

One thing in particular that's been taking up loads of time from my summer is applying for a study visa to hopefully do my master thesis abroad.

A few of us 'METians' (Media Engineering and Technology students) have been fortunate enough to be awarded scholarships to do our masters at the Johannes-Kepler University in Linz, Austria. A great opportunity for us, but what a gruesome process it is to actually apply for the visa! You have to get a paper from I don't know where and get it stamped from a further I don't know where, then get back and get another paper and chase the 'basha' around Cairo's police stations because he's the only one authorized to stamp that paper, certify papers, translate papers.. And the embassy. Oh sweet embassy. You go through so much trouble just to get inside and then find out they want another type of bank statement than the one you've submitted.

Ugh! Add the summer heat and waking up extra early to be able to go on all these trips before all the government facilities close up by about 2 pm, and you've got a real recipe for frustration. But I was really lucky to have had my best friend/navigator/entertainer/DJ wannabe =p chocos come along on these errands and help out a whole lot. It made them enjoyable rather than horrifying. And it breaks my heart that he won't be able travel with the rest of us because of his military service.

If everything goes well and the visa wasn't delayed for any reason, I should be traveling on the 13th inshaallah! And I've yet to prepare anything at all..

On a slightly (not really) different note, my lovely friends threw me and my gorgeous Roumie, our 22nd birthday party on a yacht last Monday!

They reserved it all for us, filled it with balloons and hung a cute banner (all in purple!), got delicious catering for iftar, and we cruised the Nile for the night. Was absolutely beautiful! And I was so happy to see all those people! Friends that go way back to the school days, ones from uni and others made along the way..
It was missing the mighty choco bear, though.. but he had to attend his brother's PhD defense that was taking place at the same time. Congratulations choco bear's brother!

But the night was extremely special.. and I absolutely loved it. Thank you dearest friends for giving me a fabulous night and a great start to my 22nd year!

(some school friends)

(the 3 S babes picture)
Visit S babe 1 ;)

That poster we're holding is my birthday gift to Roumie! That was so much fun to work on and I'm ECSTATIC that she liked it! I was getting so rusty that I was really worried I'd screw it all up, but thank god they turned out looking.. kinda.. similar to us. Hehe.

Here it is for a closer look:

Speaking of birthday gifts, you know what's absolutely, without a doubt, totally "STELLAAA"? (Like, literally?)

Having a STAR named after you!

Teef passed by today and gave me this package from "The International Star Registry" that has these in it:

(The official certificate)

(My star's position and the Monoceros constellation)

There's also a star shaped pendant with my star's initials and date of naming (my birthday this year!) and wooden frames stuck at customs. Hehe.

So now there's a star up there called "Lujee The Buttercup". HOW CUTE IS THAT!

Thank you SO much Teef, for the 'interstellarly ' awesome gift!
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