Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadan Kareem!

Finally! We've been waiting in anticipation for some time now!

For Muslims all around the world, this is our favorite time of the year.

There will be fasting till sunset, more praying and more Quraan reading.
There will be feeding the poor and a heightened sense of charity.
There will be delicious Katayef, Khoshaf and Dates! (and a lot more sweets, but these are my favorites)
There will be visiting all the relatives and family friends you never get the time or chance to see otherwise.
There will be 'fawanees' (pl. 'fanoos', a sort of lantern), street decorations and Iftar tents.
There will be families having the first meal of the day TOGETHER. (This means a lot to me since normally, we never have any meals together because our schedules are so different)
There will be madfa3 el iftar (the cannon that blows on sundown), eza3et el sharq el awsat (a famous radio station, generations old) and fawazeer Ramadan (riddles prepared to be aired on this month).

There will be loads of love and warmth all around.

There will be no evil this month.

(Mine, on Facebook Graffiti)

A very summery one this year, though. But surprisingly, the weather's not as hot as I had expected it to be. There's this cool breeze you'd have never felt in mid August in Cairo!

May it be a wonderful and blessed month for all of you! =)
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