Friday, August 28, 2009

15 reasons why you should wish my mom a happy birthday RIGHT NOW.

1. It’s her birthday, so it seems like a good time.
2. She acts a decade younger than she is, so if you suck up, she might give you some advice on how to stay similarly youthful (not useful, youthful.)
3. She tends not to focus on herself, which means the rest of us have to make up for it.
4. She will cook you a lovely dinner that will make your eyes roll back in your head.
5. She’s the most generous person you'll meet.
6. She’s the Do It Yourslef queen, from her hair to house projects to making her own clothes to creating art for her home. You could learn a thing or two from the lady.
7. She laughs at her own stories when she tells them, sometimes enough that you totally miss the punchline.
8. Since she's given birth to me on this same day 22 years ago, she's become quite overshadowed.
9. She will get distracted from bugging me about tidying my room, eating more, getting more sleep, etc.
10. She is the best, most beautiful, most intelligent, most lovely mother my brother and I could have ever wished for.
11. She adores everyone who loves me. You want in on this deal.
12. She is the best listening ear you ever knew, even if she does raise an eyebrow now and then (but probably just at me.)
13. She has the kind of heart that you wish people had… the world would be a better place to live in.
14. She is turning 49. NOT 50. Because heads almost rolled.

15. I love her. And you should, too. =D

To my beautiful mama, who is brilliant, beautiful, funny, silly, gifted, creative, wise and unbelievably long suffering, a HUGE “Happy Birthday!!”

You're the ultimate best and I love you!
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