Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First swine flu case in Egypt!

It has just been announced (Aljazeera, in Arabic), a mere 2 hours ago, that Egypt is suffering its first swine flu case!!

A 12-year old Egyptian-American arriving in the country for a summer vacation tested positive for the disease. Her mother and other passengers on the flight tested negative for the disease though.

Swine flu was not previously present in Egypt, though the government ordered the slaughter of all the nation's pigs after initial reports of swine flu outbreaks in other countries.

This is EXTREMELY worrying! We're not prepared for a swine flu outbreak in Egypt, especially in the HYPER-populated Cairo! With our poor quarantine precautions, all-over disorganization, and generally careless staff workers.

This little girl (they don't want to disclose her name) was moved from the airport to a hospital in the CENTER of Cairo. Shouldn't these cases get quarantined AT the airport?!
So people were around her at the airport, she was driven to one of the most crowded of hospitals, through the most crowded of streets so three quarters of Egypt's population would die. Because the bird flu still isn't doing that efficiently enough for the pea-brains.

This could probably turn into an Egyptian version of "I am Legend" or "28 days later". I could sort of imagine that if this gets to the Egyptians, it'll no longer be your average H1N1 disease. We'd probably turn into something out of those movies.

Meanwhile, we're preparing for Obama's visit to Egypt after tomorrow in the most ridiculous of ways:
(Also in Arabic, apologies to non-speakers)
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