Wednesday, June 24, 2009

8 ... 7 ... 6!!

This old man, he played six;
He played knick-knack with some sticks.
With a knick-knack, paddy whack,
Give a dog a bone;
This old man came rolling home.

Do ya remember that nursery rhyme? =D LOL .. Eh, such sweet memories...

As I had expected, the internet connection wasn't really in top shape in our room at Marassi, where we were staying at the north coast. Well, at least inside the room, it wasn't.
Also, to my luck, the Vodafone network was... poop. There was hardly any signal on our phones and the wireless internet USB thingy was practically useless. So this is a collected post of the 8, 7 and 6 countdown posts... + a few pics from the trip! ;D

So here goes...

  • 8 things I WON'T miss about the GUC:
1. The indifferent and utterly slow people working at the canteen and copy centre.

2. The disorganization and how they've changed their decisions about things after it was too late for us to do anything about them.

3. The horrible internet connection and insane restrictions on it. Can't download most things and can't surf most sites - even if they're work related!

4. With very minor exceptions, the rudeness of the admission people and how they've confused and misinformed us about stuff since day 1.

5. Rumors, rumors and more rumors.

6. How at many times it appeared that the business is the first priority rather than the students' wellbeing.

7. How they're always SO late about letting us know our grades.

8. How it sometimes seemed that they have no filtering process at all over most TAs and professors.

  • 7 ways the GUC has influenced me:
1. It has made me more patient. On a lot of different notes. With people, with incompetent staff, with work, with seeing my work's worth... etc.

2. It's trained us on having a humungous workload, so I think we could basically take anything thrown at us by now.

3. It's made me more up to my responsibilities.

4. It got me to be a night crawler =p

5. It's shown me how amazing people could be... and how low too. One should always be appreciative of the amazing and cautious with the low.

6. It has practically forced us to be ready for the real life and deal with all sorts of people.

7. It's taught me to manage things better under pressure.

  • 6 projects done during these 5 years I had a great time working on:
1. (4rth semester) THE INFAMOUS GAME! We had to program a 'Triominos' game in Java for a course project. That was our first big scale project we work on at the GUC =)
We laugh about how it took us such a long time back then and how terrifying the evaluations were when we could probably finish it in half a day now looll
Also, Tifa and I work together on everything ever since! =D It was the beginning of an awesome partnership and friendship!

(Team: Tifa, Nano and I)

2. (5th semester) The Computer Graphics 3D game, "Torture at the GUC". We had to build a 3D shooting game using OpenGL. Maybe you could guess who were being shot in our game from the title, hehe.

(Team: Tifa, Hisham and I)

3. (6th semester) The Digital System Design project. We used Verilog to design a computer processor. And ours was the only one that completely worked in the end! =D

(Team: Tifa and I)

4. (7th semester) The Advanced Media Lab and Embedded Systems projects. For the Media Lab, Tifa and I made a Greek mythology encyclopedia using SMIL and a motion detecting alarm system using Java. For the Embedded course, we had to use hardware to implement a car parking distance detection system.

(Team: Tifa, Reema, Raja, Mo and I)

5. (8th semester) THE BACHELOR PROJECT! Tifa and I traveled to Stuttgart, Germany for 5 months and worked on it there. We had to build an emotion detection system based upon video streams. So a computer would know what you're feeling if your face is in front of a camera...
That was one of the best times ever and I'm proud of us the most for this one! =D

6. (9th semester) It was one of the heavier semesters when it came to projects. The biggest of which was the Advanced Video Processing one! We had to program a full video encoder/decoder with all sorts of options and tunable parameters using Matlab. Man, was that tiring! But we still had a great time looll

(Team: Tifa, Reema, Raja, Fatma and I)


And here are some snapshots from the north coast! =D

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