Thursday, June 25, 2009

5... 4... !

  • 5 professors I'll always remember from the GUCian years:
1. Dr. Wafik Lotfallah
He gave us the Math 3 course in our second year. That was probably the most dense maths course we've ever taken, but it didn't feel as heavy as it would have if anyone else had given it to us. He was also the very first person I met at the university! Even before we started.. I'm not sure how it happened but my dad knew one of the upper management people (I still get mixed up with their names) and he had me sit with Dr. Wafik and he talked to me about the faculty of engineering.. hehe, that was about the time I was switching from the faculty of biotechnology which I had originally applied to.
I'll always remember him for the respect I have for him, for being very friendly and ever so decent, for the Calvin and Hobbes comics he always started his lectures with =) and for the academically irrelevant question in the middle of each lecture about music or whatever else!

2. Dr. Karim Darwish
Gave us the Digital Logic Design course in our 2nd semester. A course I didn't need to open a book or do a single thing to study for and got an A+, because he was that good of a lecturer. I couldn't not pay attention when he had such presence.
He told us of Sun Tzu's Art of War and that "you never know just how close you were to success before you gave up" and that phrase stuck with me ever since.

3. Dr. Rimon Elias
Prolly taught me more courses than any other professor! Computer Graphics, Web Technologies, Visualization and Animation, Computer Vision and Computer Generated Imagery using Maya.
To be honest, we hated how tough he was on us most of the time. He squeezed the life out of us with mini-projects he called assignments, grueling final projects and inhumane exams! But as long as we're being honest here, I must say I've learnt the most from his courses. Because of all what we had to deal with, many times under insane pressures, I could say I wouldn't have had as good a command on visual computing related topics as I do now. "Tough love" ? Call it as you may, but I'll most definitely miss him.

4. Prof. Dr. Mark Ihle
Oh boy. I've ranted about his ways before, about how he has this certain vision he wanted to apply on us by any means. Maybe if it were any other semester, we would have taken it better... but he came on our very last semester, giving us 3 courses out of 7, and expected all these new rules and techniques to work. He couldn't meet us midway with this. In addition, this was the first time for me to fear failing 2 courses because of how bad the midterms and all the quizzes went... It was like he was set out to show us that we're no good or something.
Despite everything, I'll remember his trials at making us understand what he was trying to do, his Audio and Acoustics quiz that was completely based on our hearing ability to differentiate tone levels, his Advanced Video Processing lectures, a semester before, and how much I liked them (and him) then, and how all what he ultimately wanted was for us to get educated, not just learn for some exams. To be a Master of Science, not a Slave of Science, as he put it.

5. Ms. Mary Hatakka
She's one of the most influential teachers I've ever had the pleasure to learn from. She gave me the Scientific Methods and English for Academic Purposes courses in the first year. Finnish, creative, interesting, unconventional and loved Nightwish! I looked forward to her classes even after the long, exhausting days at the GUC. Even though the fact that she had to leave us before the semester had ended wasn't very pleasant, we were very disturbed and sad that she was... And she will never be forgotten.

  • 4 famous GUCian phrases:
1. "Focos!" - Prof. Slim
2. "Imagine birds that swim and squirrels that fly" - Dr. Mohamed Tawfik
3. "Welcome to the GUC" - whenever something unfortunate happens.
4. "I need to sleeEEEeeep" - practically everyone.

It's SO close, people!!!
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