Friday, June 19, 2009


And by "it", I mean THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!

The countdown to the final final exam at the GUC! The last day as an undergrad! THIS IS HUGE PEOPLE!

I'm overwhelmed by this bittersweet feeling. On one hand, we're finally graduating! No more assignments to give in, pesky quizzes to take every other week and worrying about having our attendance taken or we'd get our courses dropped. We're starting off on a new exciting phase. Some of us are going to continue with their master studies here, some are looking to do that abroad (as I would be, inshaa'Allah!), some are going to start working at companies, others as teaching assistants, some guys must do their time at the army and a few girls plan to stay at home and get settled down with their significant others. Or not.

This transition is not like any of the others we've been through before. The next step of the way isn't known by default. The biggest choices I've ever had to make before in that respect was to choose whether to take the Egyptian highschool certificate, the IGCSEs or the American Diploma. And with which university to apply at, and even though that in particular was a tough decision in my case, it's on a MUCH bigger scale now. And everybody's going on in his own way.

So in some way, I don't really want to leave. I don't think I'm completely ready to commence the "real life" yet. Or maybe I'm ready but I just don't want to? There was some sort of comfort knowing we belong to this place. No matter how frustrating it got there sometimes, there was a type of comfort between the GUC walls.

I really believe that words are failing me here. They're not doing what I'm feeling any justice.


So, I have 10 days left at the GUC. My last two exams are on the 27th and 28th and since it's Friday, I'm dedicating the first countdown post to 10 things I love about the GUC:

1. The huge variety of people I got to know over these 5 years I've spent here. I've learnt a whole lot from each and every one! I'm especially grateful and very lucky to have known those I intend to keep for life =)

2. The education I got.

3. All the extracurricular activities I've been participating in.

4. That it has given us the chance to spread our wings and fly. Literally.

5. The campus. Especially at night!

6. The TA's who would print us our reports when we couldn't do it ourselves the night before.. and who have generally cut us some slack on different occasions.

7. The security guys who know me by name and say hello when we pass each other by in corridors or wherever.

8. The guard dogs! Especially the very handsome Ra3d, Ringo and King! =D

9. Noodle the cat. I've known this cat since year 1 and named it noodle because it was so tiny and thin. Today, noodle's a very fat cat and apparently got himself a huge family.

10. That it's not somewhere too polluted, noisy and busy like Cairo University or the old AUC campus.

....... it's beach time now! =D
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