Friday, May 15, 2009

The love happpens every Friday...

It’s Friday!

And it has been a great week, people!

Mind you, I've been having a hard time knowing what day of the week it is because of the shiploads of work all the professors just remembered they had to throw at us before the final exams next month (that usually means less sleep, deep sighs, and making pained expressions throughout).

The final exams next month. Next month. The FINAL final exams. Last ones ever as an undergrad!

I'm not sure how I feel about that... It's happening way too quickly! *minor freak out*
I'll save that for another post when I organize my thoughts.

Still... there is something magical about a Friday, and I for one, WILL CELEBRATE IT WITH LOVE!

So, have you done a Friday Love List before?
It’s not just a mental exercise or a filler post or some sort of airy-fairy way of thinking about ice cream and lollipops. Not that any of those would be particularly bad… that’s just not what they're about.
No, the Friday Love List represents the conscious act of calling up all the parts of your life that make it worthwhile, and saying them (er, writing them) out loud.
I know that there are hard times going on all over, in every possible shape imaginable. Maybe you feel like this is a futile, silly thing when the rough stuff in your life just isn’t changing. Maybe you need a good vent more than you need a Love List. After all, you can’t wave some joy wand and fix your job or your broken toe (just for you, Lue! =p) or your freakish relatives.
But I genuinely believe that you end up in a better frame of mind to appreciate your relationships and to make things happen if love isn’t far from your thoughts.

It really does help... so,

The Things I Love:
Whatchamacallit potato salad. It's the best! (I'll get the recipe and tell you)

Getting to know new, great bloggers because of Twitter. Especially Egyptian ones. It's great to know you're out there.

Vegetable soup. With as many veggies as possible. NOT broccoli! That stuff's EVIL!

Mom's fan poem! (A patient of hers wrote her a poem, framed it and gave it to her.. It was incredibly sweet, and she was extremely happy with it)
Helping a friend with her story board by taking some pictures. I was really glad to be of any use.

Burger King. With Tifa! Just like back in Germany! =)
Sunny, Dr. Evil's brother's golden retriever. Yet to meet her, but I love the idea of her. I just love 'em!
Meeting a friend I haven't seen in ages while running.
Great music.
Sweet, sweet soirees from Sedra. Caramel, chocolate, strawberry... aaaah, the bliss!
Good time management. (Not only because I have a project management presentation next Sunday)
Sour candy.
Inspiring pictures.
Soft, warm pashminas.

Trying to eat healthier.
This cat:

hehe, reminds me of my own! xD

So, what are you all loving these days? Please take a liiiiittle bit of time to do one, you'll see what good it does yourself!
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