Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Love List - Pre-Midterms edition

And you know why we have midterms on our 10th and final semester when we weren't supposed to, in a year they call "pre-masters" because we have to attend 5 years to be called "engineers" according to the Egyptian government although according to the German curriculum and program, we were supposed to be finished a year ago right after we passed our bachelor theses?

Because Satan gives us three courses this semester. And they just figured out we needed to take a management course.

Last semester, Beezleboss used to give us one subject only and he was actually one of my favorites! He made us understand everything, he kept recapping on what he did previously every lecture and his exams weren't easy but if one understood the subject, he'd be able to answer. It was actually fun to identify tricks and know you could get through them.

This semester, it's like someone sucked the humanity out of him!

The advanced media lab's like diving in the darkest and deepest parts of the ocean. And that whole "role playing" thing within teams. Someone has to be the behavior police, waking people up and making sure that they're there on time and that nobody talks in the lab and such (or else he'd lose marks).. Another has to do all the implementation.. Another has to watch the implementation person do everything and give precious professional advice, being the "specialist" and all... another has to test if the implementation holds for crazy input.. and another has to record everything and write the pre-lab report and post-lab report, which is written and given in on the same day as the lab, although the lab content is always waaaay too much to finish on one lab session! And each one is marked according to their role during the lab, so it's not one grade for the whole "team" because of the overall "teamwork"...

The Image Processing and Audio & Acoustics courses..... I don't even know what to say. I've never been so clueless in my life. And I've never taken the FIRST quiz in a course and wasn't able to even GUESS what the answer is! And it's not like I'm the type of student who looks to just pass.. but it's truely, insanely weird this semester.

*sigh* Happy thoughts, happy thoughts... I need to write me a love list!

First of all, I need to thank all those who commented with their love lists on last week's, because it was really awesome to read about all those things you appreciate in your lives and it made me so happy!

As for the things I'm loving this week:

That a GREAAAT thing just (and I mean AS I'M WRITING THIS) happened to one of my best friends. I'm extremely happy for you!

Mestika (don't know what it translates to in English) ice cream.

Surprise cinnabon bites and hot chocolate for breakfast.

Koshary... This traditional Egyptian meal composed of lentils, rice, fried onions, hot sauce and pasta. It's a LOT better than it sounds.

Dad asking for help with his laptop and typing up and emailing documents for him. Even though sometimes he asks me to do stuff when I was intending to do something else, but I enjoy the fact that he comes to me for stuff as trivial as that. It's kinda refreshing when someone's normally very withholding.

My shipment arriving. =D

When I'm on top of things, on schedule, with no procrastinated things that need to be done.

The brief guide to world domination. It's this free 29 page e-book or manifesto that will drive you to think about your life, your aims and your dreams from many different views. It urges to take action to make your life outstanding in the generic world we live in... "Because it is so easy to be like everyone else, but it is so much harder to be just you." As chocolateMints put it.. It helps you find yourself and allow that person to be consistent and to grow... Give it a look and tell me what you think.

I've started a QOTD (Question Of The Day) thing on facebook, where I use my status message to ask my friends a question, and it's so much fun! I absolutely enjoy reading people's responses and getting to know the different points of view they have. And even though some questions are sillier than others, it feels like I get to know them just a tiny bit better. It opens up discussions and gets us to know things about each other that wouldn't normally be mentioned in our normal conversations.

Super crunchy Cheetos.

Drinking loads of water. I could feel the difference!

Last but definitely not least, my friend's "One Pound", a short movie he directed and created for the StrangerFestival competition in Europe. It shows the circulation of a particular one Egyptian pound among people on the street and exposes a little bit of the culture. I personally love it! So go take a look and please vote for this great director in the making!

So how about you guys? Would love to know what's found its way to your heart this week!
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