Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Love List - ^^' ehem..

Every Friday for months and months (well, haven't in the last couple of months, but consistency is boring, no? No? Okay, fine. MAKE ME FEEL BAD ABOUT MYSELF) I’ve put up a Love List here, and you’ve been gracious enough to respond by posting Love Lists on your blogs or including your Love Lists in the comments.
And it’s awesome. Because LOVE IS AWESOME.

And I've got months worth of love to make up for. So let's get this started!
Stand up comedies. The Comedy Rumble today was awesome! I especially liked Ahmed Ahmed, George Azmy, Angelo Tsarouchas and of course, Maz Jobrani. But nothing beats the great company =)
Oh, and on the way to the hall where the Rumble was taking place, Chocos and I accidentally got into the wrong area of the conference center only to find that there was an "anonymous addicts" conference taking place. Should have sensed something was off when the guy at the door was asking me if I carried something for self defence in my bag! Hehe

Being super excited over an idea Sara and I are hopefully going to cook up soon!

Going out for breakfast.
New shoes.

Meeting up with people I hadn't seen forever.
When it coincides that mom and I both feel like not having the already prepared lunch and want to order seafood.
SUSHI! Not the yucky, extremely raw, seaweed wrapped kind. The "California"s, "Philadelphia"s and "Pink Panther"s. Yum!
A virus-less laptop with a working adapter!
Finally getting a haircut. Not extremely happy with it, though. I think I should've had my fringe cut a tad shorter maybe.

La Casetta's chicken crepe. And chicken soup.
That moment when something happens or when someone says something and I think "this is SO comic material".
Being done with the seminar's presentation. Now that's a relief!
My new shades! ^^
Spending a day at Solaris with the most amazing girls.
Going through really old photo albums.
Working at Mediconex 2009! My feet beg to disagree.
Ruby Tuesdays. The most delicious chicken n' pasta I've had, and I've tried it almost everywhere I've been to.
Seeing the guys from Ulm (Triple S and Mo). Pity it was for such a short period of time.

Jump rope.
Knowing someone's got your back.
Silly confessions.
I'm kiiiiinda liking Twitter.
That my brother still likes to take my opinion sometimes with what to wear and if he should get a haircut yet.
When it's not so hot you could cook an egg on the pavement.

Bean bags. Want one.
And YOU of course!

So what are you loving these days? Doesn't matter how small, just LOVE IT UP!
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