Tuesday, April 7, 2009

For the mere fun of it... and looking for any excuse to be distracted *rolls eyes*

So I was sitting at my desk as usual, preparing for my presentation tomorrow for the "Digital Imagery using Maya" seminar, devouring inhumane amounts of chocolate and cursing at a little virus my laptop caught, when I got an email from SIFE freelancers.

(notice how I'm talking so casually like I haven't been away from the blogosphere for TWO MONTHS!)

Ahem, well, they were asking for logo designs for a clothing shop called "Uta" that's for both men and women and is "casually modern". *giggles*

Now, on any other day I would have put it aside and tagged it with a virtual "will check it out later" for an undefined "later", but how could I miss on postponing rehearsing what I'm supposed to say tomorrow and be prepared FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE! Nope, no can do..

So I took out my pencil, blew the enormous amount of dust off, and scribbled these:

... in 17 minutes. I hoped it would take a little more time..

So I came here! xD

But ye know what? I genuinely miss you <= )
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