Friday, January 30, 2009

*extreeeemely belated* FLL - and what's new for 09?!

Missed me?
Aaaaah, no need to ask.. sure ye have! =p (... right?! *chewing on a nail*)... (of course the one you find on your finger, smarty pants! =S)... (well, no, not YOUR finger! Dude!)...

Lujee: You're talking to yourself again.

Leave me alone!

.. Ahem, inhabitants of make-believe land! Your *cough* mentallyillbeyondallimagination *cough* extremely awesome ruler has returned to grace you all with sunshine and
I know it's been a long while. I know I'm seemingly very disloyal to these lands that have been oh so very good to me right now. BUT I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW! You've been on my mind all along! And I've actually thought of a couple of ideas I'm sure you'd want to try out.
And after all, don't they say that distance makes the heart grow fungus, errr, fonder?

But before I let go of the reins on those ideas I've left to ferment for some time, allow me to share the mother of all love lists, the love list of a half dozen fortnights in which I've been away from you, my dearest creatures.

Shall we proceed then?

  1. Thou shalt not obtain amusement from crazy glue then blame it on extraterrestrials.
Errr, wrong note.. ^_^'

Things I LOVE:
  • Being on vacation! AT LAAAAAST!

  • Slow mornings and royal breakfasts. (Oh, how I've appreciated this since we've taken the mid-year recess!)

  • Sitting in the balcony on a warm January day. So under appreciated.

  • Fresh flowers. They bring such joy to the place! But I hate how they have to wilt and all. And no, plastic flowers JUST AREN'T THE SAME!

  • Doing cartwheels. You know how invigorating that feels? Takes 10 years off of you!

  • Potpourri. Even though its smell might not always be detectable in this dust-infested country, it's definitely an eye-pleaser.

  • Final exam group studying with good friends =) Too bad I never did that before. Could've really helped my hopeless procrastinating disease. Like, maybe start studying for an exam a whole day earlier, as opposed to starting at midnight and pulling all-nighters.

  • Profound conversations. Food for the soul.

  • The "Silver Lining"! A list that's been compiled during the project submissions and exams period of all the things I'd love to do during the vacation.

  • Looking forward to plans.

  • The surge of relief once the last project has been submitted.

  • Half-to-half pizzas. Half chicken BBQ, half "Super Pappa" pizza from Pappa John's. Now it's like: "hello, I want to order a pizza please".. "the usual?".. "yeap!". They don't even ask if I'm interested in any new offers or whatnot anymore.

  • Discovering that the Pappa John's branch next to my place has a Wii.

  • Roumie's 10 year old brother. "Reeeeeeem, am I stupider than a chicken?".. "No you're not".. "ok".. (3 minutes later).. "Reeeeeeem, am I stupider than a chicken?"..
    Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

  • Quotes that resonate in your mind all day.

  • Getting someone to laugh.

  • Plans to go on the senior trip to Luxor & Aswan on a Nile cruise.

  • Crunchie bars.. ^^ mmmmm.. sweet, sweet honey comb centre!

  • Elvis' 30 #1 hits album. Yeah baby. We'd be a-rockin' n a-rollin' all day, everyday. Did you know that he also sung in German?

  • My M&Ms dispenser device I got from the Munich airport. Cheers me up! =D

  • Pigeon wishbones. We've this long lasting tradition, that when we eat pigeons and get to the wishbone, we make a wish before putting it away with the rest of the pigeon's bones. Not that I believe in wishing on a pigeon's wishbone in any way, but it's just kewl, OWKAY?!
    (And for anyone not from around here, pigeons are a very normal and extremely tasty thing to eat in Egypt. So don't go imagining me chasing after those chubby ones that hop around in your subways, then devouring it and stuff.)

  • National Geographic magazines.

  • The Cairo bookfair. Even though it was extremely hot and sunny for a day in the beginning of February and we walked for 5 hours straight, then found that all the good places that we actually got books from were all right beside each other, right at the entrance.... it was good. And I got 8 books... (Well, was initially looking for 25) and a soft wood dragon thingy for my brother to put together.

  • Restaurants that have terraces looking directly at the Nile.

  • My motivational "Dare To Dream" snow globe. (Thanks again! =D)

  • How everytime I get off my desk chair, my cat comes out from wherever she was and jumps on it like she's claiming her throne.

  • The idea behind "Yes, Man" the movie.

  • Jon Stewart. Such wit, such yummy sarcastic humor.

  • Listening to African music on's online radio.

  • Doing faux ballet moves around the house like a dork.

  • The High School Musicals. ^_^'

  • Laughing so hard you can’t breathe or stand up straight.

  • Debating stuff and things.

  • Brown mushroom sauce or buttered medium done steak. Glooooorious!

  • Blogging (really, can you tell?)

What about you, forgiving creatures of make-believe land? What have you all been loving for so long and have been holding back on expressing?

And no, I haven't forgotten about those incredible ideas I've promised sharing with you, but I honestly really need to get some shuteye now. But not to fear, there will be month-long disappearances no more!

In the meanwhile, SHARE THE LOVE!
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