Thursday, December 11, 2008

WR - An Apple A Day Keeps Losing Your Mind Away..

I was never that big on apples. If they're on the counter along with other fruits, they'd never be my first choice. Or last. I'd prolly have a glass of water instead. Same goes for apple juice... Somehow it always seemed "stickier" than any other type.

But as I was strolling along the beautiful and always interesting sidewalks of cyberspace recently, I found a couple of interesting reads on the benefits of this fruit in particular.

Apart from those advantages of eating fruits that we all know, apples and apple juice in particular contain antioxidants that protect cells throughout the body, particularly the brain and heart. They reduce the brain cell deterioration that may lead to Alzheimer's disease and
oxidize the "bad" cholesterol that lead to hardened arteries... What it all means?

If you eat your apples regularly, you just might decrease the possibility of going mad or getting heart attacks in your old age.

The "effective substance", quercetin, is mainly found in apples' skin, so it's preferable to eat whole apples than have them peeled or in juice form.

And hey, what bad could it do to eat apples anyway. For those who aren't fans of the fruit like myself, just think of it as a preventive medication. And an apple a day will hopefully keep straight jackets away.
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