Monday, December 15, 2008

We Interrupt This Program To Bring You....

... President Bush dodging a shoe thrown at him at a press conference!

Alright, if I would comment on this... I'd say it's funny as hell! Seems he was a dodge ball star back in his day.


Not that I like Bush in any way or anything he's done while he's been president, but "This is a goodbye kiss, you dog!" and shoe throwing?
Can a person's anger justify acting it out like that? What if everyone who detested someone did something similar?

Imagine yourself going to work one day and unfortunately, you have this tyrant boss who's making everyone's life a living hell. Maybe a living hell is the understatement of the year, even. And one day, the employees get so fed up they go into his office and send stapler rockets flying to his face. Even though that might seem as a tempting idea to play with in one's imagination, there's a reason why it doesn't happen. Civilization.

Often, you get people in your life who piss you off so bad and you think "aaagh, if I could just get my hands on him/her!!".. But how we act is different. Not because we fear being judged from someone else. Not because we fear not breaking their face well enough and they'd come back for revenge.

Because we're a lot better than that.

And in my opinion this was undignified. For both, Bush and the reporter.
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