Wednesday, December 24, 2008

TAA - Good Ol' Stickmen

SHE LIVES! (at least for another day)

Surprisingly and unexpectedly, she reaches out from under the rubble, ignores her now toad-looking eyes, pulsing fingertips and the fact that she's had 3 hours of sleep in 42 hours (but that's ok since she mainly thinks that sleep is a waste of life and would seize doing it if the rest of her didn't manifest its complaints in such harsh ways), to post once again.. I've missed you, blogosphere!

Allow me to present the source of all our miseries, what's been keeping me from you dear, dear internets and the pure evil that is the LIST OF DOOM!

Sat. 10th Jan.: Fuzzy project submission + Fuzzy quiz
Sun. 11th: AVP Mon. 12th: Mobile and Pervasive Networking
Tues. 13th: Advanced Video Processing project submission + Computer Vision
Wed. 14th: Advanced Media Lab project submission + Computer Vision
Thurs. 15th: Computer Vision
Fri. 16th: Mobile and Pervasive (and a very important match =p)
Sat. 17th: AVP presentation
Sun. 18th: Mobile and Pervasive
Mon. 19th: Computer Vision submission
Tues. 20th: Mobile and Pervasive
Wed. 21st: Mobile and Pervasive project submission + presentation

Thurs. 22nd Jan. - Thurs. 5th Feb. FINALS

I bet you don't feel so bad about your own state now, do you?! Now, SYMPATHIZE!

And for whatever you hold dear's sake - DON'T tell me that these college days are the best I'll ever have and to enjoy them as much as I can! Not "THESE" days! Although all tiredness aside........ naaah, they're quite bad.

But luckily for me, I get to at least spend them with awesome people =)

Anyway, back to the focus of this post..

While I was digging up old photos to collect my favorites of 2008 and going through all those forgotten files on my external HD, I came across a diamond in the rough!

A friend of mine and I have done these back in 2005 using the handwriting feature over MSN. Of course, we did that at the times when we needed to get some work done the most... but come on, no other time is as inspiring!

I absolutely loved seeing these again and thought, there's no better way to start a new year than to remember some of the great things about the older ones.

These are "LujeeMo's Killer Comics"...

Oh, and HE STARTED IT! =p

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

and finally, Lujee & Mo in "Pickled Lemons":

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