Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday Love List - Dear 08...

Oh, 2008, haven't YOU just zoomed in to an end!

What, you think you can just rush to the finish line because YOU’RE all done, Mr. 365?

Where is my time to reflect? Where is my time to list the blessings and challenges that have defined you? You’re not going to stop so I can write a few sentimental posts about how my life has changed, how I’ve evolved, how I’ve grown because of you?

Fine, then. See if I care.

2009 is ready for me already, and I have a feeling we’re going to get along EVEN BETTER than you and I did!

That’s right, you heard me…

Not only will I get to keep all the good stuff I got from you for my next 365, like choco bear who's been there through the thickest and thinnest of your days, the most amazing friends I'm beyond lucky to have, the most exceptional experience I had in all my 21 years, and learning that the kitchen is not the enemy... but I can also leave behind all the stuff you gave me that I DIDN’T like, like twisted ankle tendons, breaking teeth over candy and the beginning of wrinkle formation (I'm under the idea that the process can be reverted).

So there.

And I was intending to post a bunch of pictures taken while you're here that I loved, BUT YOU ALSO GAVE ME CRAPPY INTERNET!

But since I'm writing this now, well after 2k9 has already begun (because here at Lujee's: We're Proudly Just Behind the Curve!), I decided to share some anyway.

With loads of love,

(on the 1st of January, 2008)

(7th semester)

(Sodany Vanilla effect)

(Mother's day)

(long story.. including a 7ama2y CD, a permanent marker and Lue!)

(some match.. don't remember who was playing xD)

(A farewell outing full of surprises =D)

(Lurve yous! ^^)



(Toffee bear =) )

(On Motaro's Birthday)

(Al3asha2 Al2a7'eer)

( 'cause I'm leavin' on a jet plaaane.. )

(Moving into Heilmannstrasse, Stuttgart)

(Our office at the Berufsakademie =) )

(Oh, yehhhs!)

(Choco bear at the zoo)


(Cairo, 2380 km away from Konigstrasse, Stuttgart)

(Yeap, ROME! =D )

(Cartoonist at Rome)

(At the Pantheon)


(A view of the Vatican)

(Hercules! xD .. At the Vatican museum)

(The Sistine chapel, recognize the ceiling?)

(Good ol' BBQ at good ol' Stuttgart)

(YuuUUuum =d)

(Beibei! Our Chinese office mate)

(Egypt bear! =D )

(Sabrina, at the Lichterfest)

(The view from Stuttgart's TV tower)

(My Zahnschmuk! <= ) )
(On the day of the Olympics opening ceremony, we wore our matching Ts =D )

(A Russian dessert explosion in our dorm kitchen)

(MY 21st BIRTHDAAAAY! =D courtesy of the awesome, choco bear!)

(because I LOVE MY NEW CAM! =D )

(On teef's 22nd birthday.. and let's not get into why that was his facial expression loooll <= $)
(.. later that day =) )

(The last time to go grocery shopping before leaving Germany)

(The day we presented "A Facial Expression Recognition System Based Upon Video Streams" =) )

(At the Munich airport... going back home)

(At our place at Elsokhna)

(Out with good friends hadn't seen in months!)

(Repainted my room with mom.. from peach to lilac =) )

(Another birthday with some old school friends =) )

(The first comedy show I've ever been to.. and was GREAT!)

(Oh yeah, it rained. Just a tiny bit.)

(some cactus thingy at the university)

(Who might that be?!)

(Ferero! Kiki's suitor.. or at least everyone was hoping him to be..)

(Mom, at a family gathering over the bairam holidays..)

(Joe! =D )

(And Boudy! =D )

(And Fattouush! =D hehe)

(dad at his clinic..)

(dad's fan mail =D hehe)

( The End..)

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