Friday, December 12, 2008

FLL und eine belated TAA

Well, it has been a very relaxed week for most of us. And I think I've personally tested just how well I'm able to procrastinate. Dozens of "To Do" items written and later scratched off for, I won't lie to you, mere laziness and "not feeling like it".

Take a look at the late TAA (because the tablet pen's batteries were dead and had to do it the old fashioned paper and ink way, which sadly lacks the undo feature):

But that's all over now. Tomorrow, we go back to the hell hole for an exceedingly long day from 7 am till 6 pm. We've got two quizzes, two huge assignments, a presentation and getting familiar with the program we'll be using for the Mobile and Pervasive Networks project, ahead of us this week.
Yes, Huston, seems we're looking at a substantial lack of sunshine and a big bunch of sleepless nights.


That been said, I think it's now clear why it's of imperative importance to celebrate LOVE right here and right now! We need MOTIVATION, an uplifting of the spirits.. A laugh, a giggle, a smile even!

On that note, here's a few things that made me laugh, giggle or smile this week.

  • Waking up to find my brother had gotten me Cinnabon buns.
  • How our Fuzzy Logic professor says "semsem arshiteshtar" (the actual word is still unknown to most of us).
  • Watching movies with my bro.
  • Leaping over mom when she's lying over the couch like a monkey clinging to it's mom and staying there till her side gets sore.
  • Lunching out with the family.
  • New perspectives.
  • Other people's stories. Kinda makes you look at things going on in your own life a little differently.
  • The never ending support and care of the bestest of friends. (Yeap, that's you pal ;D)
  • An optimistic view of the future.
  • Texting, texting, texting.. Aaaaaaah!
  • Catching up with friends.
  • My whiter smile.
  • My ability to withstand pain! (To get that smile).. Oh well, alright, with the help of some pain killers. THAT WORKED AS WELL AS A SKITTLE!
  • The cat snuggling next to me in the bed and purring like her life depends on it.
  • When she extends her neck, arms or legs to get me to scratch them.
  • The weather FINALLY getting a little chillier in this damned country! It's mid December and I'm still wearing Tees! I guess Winter in Egypt is getting as punctual as its people.
  • Seeing people around me being happy. Doing things they love. Being joyous.
  • Going through old birthday cards and notes.
  • WISE GUYS!! I want to MARRY them! (Thanks a lot for introducing them to me AZ =D). They're a German band that don't use instruments. Haven't heard them before? Give 'em a listen: Wise Guys - Denglish (in Deutsch and English) and Wise Guys - Chocolate Chip Cookies (in English) (and becoming a FAVE!).

So, fellow inhabitants of this amazing and exceedingly beautiful world, what're you loving these days?! LOVE IT UP!
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