Thursday, November 13, 2008

TAA - Damn Those "What If"s..

In coherence to what seems to be the topic of the week and because I'm really glad a friend wrote his thoughts regarding a related subject as well...

Here's an excerpt from his note:

"..... My friends, the answer is simple. It is so simple that it might perplex us. It lies before our own eyes. It is our first instinct. What our hearts told us to do when we first thought about the arbitrary problem we are facing before being clouded by any conformity, before over thinking the subject. People, life is too short to waste on over thinking and wondering "What if ?" when we should be trusting our instincts and choosing the things our heart desire and not what people enforce upon us. I am not saying that we should rush things but at the same time we should not put our lives on hold - pondering the same question everyday - just to realize late enough how life passed by so quickly......"

I must admit that I've suffered a lot from that "What if" disease myself... and it's rarely a pleasant sight. All those voices in my head coming up with the craziest of ideas and giving me a hard time over nothing. But we've agreed to breathe, haven't we? ;)

And now, BEHOLD ..... another one of my darn scribbles..

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