Saturday, November 15, 2008

*Slightly* Belated Friday Love List

If you’ve been around here long, you know that the Friday Love List is a bit of a tradition at lewjee's. Not that I’m always totally on the ball about KEEPING that tradition, mind you, and maybe it's not always on time... but I do love me a love list.
(You can find old ones by searching “lurve list” over there on the right side—> Go ahead. We’ll wait.)
I do the love lists on Fridays because I figure it’s good to start the week full of love.
(You know, instead of university related angst and ninety eight stories about the lack of organization and how they've been screwing us over and those people you kinda wish they'd disintegrate and seize to exist.)
On that note?
Let the love begin…


The "set topic" option on Skype. The amount of possibilities there are endless!

Cinnabon. Need I say more?
Ginger nut cookies. The ginger's aroma with the fun nutyness of the cookies have a great power to put a smile on my face.

Spontaneousness. (I don't care if it's not really a word!)

Elveda Derken. One of the turkish series that are dubbed into arabic and being played over MBC4. The story's a tad dramatic but I just couldn't help being pulled in. And the guys are so hot =p.

Clueso's "Gute Musik" album. Chilled but not boring, enjoyable and great study-to music.
Singing at the top of my lungs. Regardless of how my cat reacts to it.

My brother kissing me goodnight.
Relieving yourself of having to pretend to like someone because you have mutual friends and saving your energy and breath for people who actually care.
Apple inscent sticks.

Slow mornings. Those usually include having enough time to have a good breakfast, watch some cartoon network and read my magazines before deciding what to do.

Getting pretty cool ideas for the next mother's day already!
The "GCBT" pen Roumie gave me. Slides deliciously smoothly over the paper.
Being able to inspire someone.
That choco bear's starting his own blog! YAY! Be excited, everyone.. it's going to be uber awesome.
Freeing yourself from all the "what if"s.
Good time management. Whenever that happens. IF it ever happens.

How the J'adore body lotion by Christian Dior smells.
Romman, the favoritest cousin! ;D

So what're you loving these days? Or on any day?
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