Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Love List - We're All For Laughs!

I went to see a stand-up comedy for the first time in my life today!
The show was titled "Arabs Gone Wild" and it featured 6 half Arab, half something else or Arab but lived most of their lives in America, comedians... Two of them were off the "Axis of Evil" tour that took place here maybe half a year ago or so, which I couldn't attend for some reason that has slipped my memory... but I really didn't know what to expect this time..

Also had to work on this huge Computer Vision assignment and felt slightly guilty that I was going to see it while still having a lot to work on, but man did we need the laugh! So it was PERFECTLY justified..

The teef passed by me and we got to the Cairo International Conference Centre in a whole hour! It normally takes between 10 to 15 minutes to get from my place to the CICC, or at least it used to when I was working on that Mediconex event last year.. Driving over here has become something similar to a fish trying to swim through cookie dough! Parking? Let's not even go there. But thank god we were able to find a parking space, teef's leg muscles weren't too cramped up and we got there only 10 minutes after the announced time for the show to start.

We got to our seats, met other people from uni and school all around and Dean Obeidallah made an announcement that the show would start 20 minutes later, not because they're running late but because we're Egyptian. The show started an hour after that announcement was made.

Once they started, it was nonstop tear-jerking laughter all the way! Dean Obeidallah (half Palestinian half Italian) started off with his act and continued to show host along the way, Sherif Hedayat (Egyptian who lived 14 years in America and my least favorite among the bunch) followed but it seemed like he was trying too hard or was stiff PLUS he was cheating off his lil paper so didn't seem too natural. Maysoon Zayid (Palestinian living in America and has cerebral palsy) followed him and she was kewl, mostly fighting with the chair though. After that came Ronnie Khalil (Egyptian but has been living in America) and Geroge Azmy (Egyptian with good English) who totally cracked me up! Both were GENIUSES! My face hurt so much from laughing and I literally couldn't take my breath! I wish I could give some examples of their performance but I'd totally ruin it. And I've been kicking myself inside my head ever since for not taking the cam with video mode to shoot bits of the show. The final act was Aron Kader's (Palestinian dad and Mormon mom) who wasn't as good as Ronnie and George but wasn't too shabby either.. It's not easy performing after those two.. Tough break for him!

Overall it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I'd definitely attend something like this again if I got the chance.. and all the laughing, it really lifts a huge weight off your mind... and I believe it truely is the shortest way to one's heart.

So HURRAH for Arabs Gone Wild, for laughter, and for enjoying the simple things in life!

Now please (see how polite I'm asking?) share what made you smile, laugh or get in a good mood this week! It could very well get someone else to smile, laugh or get in a good mood, and you'd be helping humanity!
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