Wednesday, November 26, 2008

An 8-point Peek Into The Deepest And Darkest Parts Of My Soul..

The inspiring S babe had tagged me to write 8 thing about myself and tag another 8 people.
Never got to it until now. Because c'mon, what better time than the night right before my Advanced Video Processing midterm!

Well, here they are:

1. I'd write, draw, surf the internet, force my cat to play with me until she clings to my arm with all four legs like a monkey hanging from a branch and gnaw on my hand like it's a chew toy rather than study any time.

2. I neither sneeze nor yawn like a normal person. The aftershock phase (when it's over and my hand's not in front of my mouth anymore) is like I'm mumbling senseless words to myself. On more than one occasion, friends have mistaken me to have been talking to a tree or ceiling.

3. Whenever I put on running shoes, I feel like bouncing up and down. Boing. Boing. It’s an irresistible urge.

4. Although I could be extremely forgetful at times, there are some details that never seem to escape my memory cells. The type of details that people get surprised at them being noticed in the first place. Details. So Virgo.

5. You do NOT want to get between me and my chocolate.

6. I have a love-hate relationship with my hair. Love that it could be absolutely anything I want it to be, that it's manageable and never says no, really (at the cost of the time spent on it). Hate that it's unpredictable for the most part.
Thinking about cutting it short again soon.

7. I've been making all those silly facial expressions of mine ever since I started to exist. If the ultrasound technology back in '87 was advanced enough, they probably would've recorded me raising an eyebrow and scrunching my nose inside the womb.

8. Part of me wants to be a psychologist, another part wants to make cartoons and animation movies and work at Disney or Pixar, another part wants to be able to design and sew clothes the exact way I visualize them, another wants to be a professional photographer and another wants to be an interior designer. All of them want to travel all over the world.

And so I'm tagging:

MayG & UTP
Daisy Chain Dreams
Amr Zohny
Hussein Sedky
Yasmeen Sanad
Mohamed Almehdar
EnGi & Yara Hassaan (yeah, cheating 'cause you're sisters)

It's ok if you don't have your own blog, just list the 8 points in the comments below.. ;)
And don't forget to tag others!

I'd better go get some studying done now. Crunch time.
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