Thursday, October 30, 2008

TAA : Art-itecture

Architecture and interior design have always been, through the eras and everywhere across the globe, some of the greatest forms of art we've ever seen.. From ancient to Renaissance to completely modern, it's the art that gets most people staring in awe..

That been said, apart from all the mega structures and architectural masterpieces that I won't be able to mention in one post, I'd like to focus on a much smaller scale.. A scale that one of my favorite shows, 'Extreme Makeover-Home Edition', tackles so very well..

What grabs my attention on that show is how they transform an extremely ordinary and worn out space into one that's beaming with life and character, how they design everything to suit the little they know about the families' personalities and hit the bull's eye with it and how they show that the smallest of details truly matter! I have to confess I've fantasized about working on a team like that before.. ehem, a couple of times..

Here are some snippets from projects they've done on their episodes..

So is it too "extreme" or would you do something similar in your own homes?
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