Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Love List .. and about time too!

It's about time to appreciate what we've got here.. about time to snap out of the blues and open our eyes to everything that's special around us..

Because it really is all a state of mind. If I decide that I want to be happy, I will be and if I choose to keep thinking about why it's better not to be here, then I'll never give myself the chance to enjoy actually being here.. Alas, it's not always that simple.. Even if Micheal Phelps was determined to swim across a whirlpool, he'd get sucked in like a flushed cockroach (I apologize if visualizing Phelps as a cockroach in a toilet was disturbing to any of you)..

But even if things aren't that simple and no matter how hard we try, something comes along and reminds us of what we've been trying to block out of our minds, we should never stop trying to stay positive.. because if we did give up, that would be the end of us. And we're too young to die. Or go mental.
So we have to make the most of what we've got, look forward to our dreams and carpe diem!

And well, gotta admit that the sweet's not as sweet without the sour. So we have the sour to appreciate for allowing us to really feel the sweet!

So here goes.. for all the sour! No matter how piquant you get, there'll always be:

Amazing friends! Forgiving, understanding, tolerating and ones I could never do without.

Mom's warm hug and speaking my mind while she plays with my hair.

National Geographic mags.

Grenadine. I think it's relatively too much effort for a little amount of output, but if someone else gets the seeds out then YUM!

My room's new lilac wall colour! ~^_^~

Repainting my room myslef, with mom.

Home delivery services. While they kinda get people to be lazier, they're extremely useful sometimes.. like when the stupid uni has us from 7 am till 7 pm for two days in a row and you go home to find cabbage for lunch.

The String Quartet's tribute to Coldplay. Hands down, the best study-to music I know of.

The delightful company of my cat and the goofy things she still does despite of her old age in cat years.

Carrefour. The closest place to the university that's not too uncool for us to hang out at during our gaps and with much better things to eat than "3am sa3d"'s sandwiches.

Driving. Uhm, no wait, I don't love driving here.. but I do like the act of driving itself.

That there are so many comic material situations to illustrate.


And this my friends, is making lemonade out of life's lemons. Or at least trying to. But two hands clap better than one, so please share what's making you happy this week, or generally!
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