Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Back To The Homeland!.. & Happy (belated) Eid!

I'm not eggsactly sure why it took that much time for me to start posting again.. When someone asks, I like to blame it on the lack of time .. "Oh, we've been SO busy with settling back in and with the university starting and everything, it's just been crazy!".. But the truth of the matter is, the university work load isn't much at all in the beginning, I only have to go 3 days a week this semester, it's been almost a month since we've returned (as I'm writing this now) and settling in over there was a lot quicker even though I had so much more balls in the air.. so what is it?

And I've also noticed that some of my habits are changing back to how they were before travelling; feeling like i want to eat more often, lazying out (relatively), procrastination levels going through the roof, dosing off in front of my laptop as well as that general feeling of having my legs chained when it comes to not being able to go anywhere without having the car and knowing the way.. I wish I could say that it feels good to be back, but I can't.. even as I'm writing this now, a month later, and the impact of being "back" isn't as horrible as it was until just a few days ago.

Since this was supposed to be posted just after we got back, let me share how everything seemed (and in many ways still seem) to be.

For starters, the day we got back, we had been travelling for about 12 hours, starting in Stuttgart with meeting with our Hausmeisters, handing in the keys and going to the Studentenwerk office to get our insurance back, then taking a train to Munich, then another train within Munich to get to the airport (Teef grew muscles that weren't anatomically known before because of all the bags we (he) was carrying around), then finally checking in and taking the 4 hour flight to Cairo. As soon as we got into the Cairo airport, it really did feel, look and smell like there was no mistake about it... we were back to the homeland.

Loud people, haphazard crowds clustered at any window that offers any type of service, sticky and broken carts for moving the luggage, we had to wait to get our bags back for about an hour and a half after the plane had landed, a guy bumped into one of my plastic bags and a coupla things broke and airport parking workers, like flies hovering around a basket of fruits, all wanted a piece of whatever they can get.
But it was awesome to see my family after all this time! It didn't feel like I've been away at all, if that makes sense..
And dad was like.. don't carry your passport in your pocket, put it in blablabla.. and I was "ohhh, boy"ing in my head.. If I could take perfectly good care of myself for half a year then it's pretty pointless to give me instructions about how and where to carry my passport, don't ya think?!
Anyway, we got back home and Kiki (my cat) went crazy sniffing me and the bags, but didn't show any more enthusiasm than that.. I had been told that she pretty much took over my room while I was gone, so she was probably irritated by my invasion of "her" space.

Now, although I was tired as hell and all I wanted in the world was to take a shower and sleep for about a week, I stayed up till the next day sorting the room out! Mom thought that I went mental.
I just couldn't unpack when my room seemed so... clumpy? Mom had left everything the way I left it because I always show my discontentment when my stuff's moved around, let alone getting rid of anything. By the time I was done, my room had produced 8 garbage bags of old toys, clothes and such to give away and 7 garbage bags of garbage... and I saw my closet's floor, which I think hadn't happened since we first moved in.. then I finally felt like I could unpack..

The next day was the last day of Ramadan.. which was really special because my family and I don't normally eat together because of our extremely varying time plans and appetites and unfortunately I couldn't be around during the only time of year when we're all forced to have iftar together this year.. plus mom had made "2atayef" ~^_^~

After Ramadan, comes the Eid.. along with a refreshment of the Cairo street experience.
We went to visit my aunt and along the way, a car hit a horse and the poor thing died in the middle of the road... was a major scene which caused a significant traffic congestion.
Also, EVERYONE was dressed in combinations of green and yellow! It looked atrociously weird.. because it seemed like they all escaped from some commercial.. or a salad.
Later that day, my family and I headed to El3ein Elso7'na, for the sun and the beach and stuff.. but it was SO crowded (and how do I say "bee2a" in English?) that it was disgusting.. and I hardly spent any time on the beach too..But Porto So7'na was pretty kewl though!

The fact remains.. that although I'm "home" now, with family and friends... I miss everything about Stuttgart.. every single thing.
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