Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Long Overdue Update

Yes, she's still ALIIIIVE!
Missed me?
I certainly hope so. I deeply apologize to everyone who did for not updating for so long. To those who didn't, well... never mind.

I'm not sure what happened exactly. It all started when the new month began and I became internet-less. Well, I wasn't totally internet-less, because we still went to the university and all, but it's soooo slow over there, continents move faster.
It took about a week to get my dorm room back online, but then that was about the time when the plans for the teef's birthday were at their peak (funny to think about it now when most of it didn't go as planned at all), among other things like panicking about OMG WE DON'T HAVE SO MUCH TIME LEFT ANYMORE! and of course, Ramadan and how it reflects on our energy level and day in general.

So I apologize. But I don't think that I'll be posting as regularly during this month either because no matter how much I tell you, it won't be close to the amount of stuff we have to get done with our work, with our preparations to get back home, and basically.. generally everything.
Time feels like it's .. nothing. It doesn't stay around long enough to leave a feeling. I don't even know what I'm feeling myself... but I'll keep that to another post.

In the meanwhile, please just wish us luck! We've begun the final countdown.. <= (
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