Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Love List: The Very Last One While I'm In Germany..

Well it's just a tad too late but couldn't let something like this just pass without making note of! This is the most important and significant love list to me yet. Especially that we're leaving in 2 days, being stuck tweaking the two theses (oh our presentation was just yesterday too! ... and it went great, apart from the part where I froze trying to remember what I'm supposed to say, but "egal"), having to do all these chores like canceling the bank account, health insurance, de-registering from the state and of course cleaning out the room and kitchen shelves, in addition to the dreadful packing.
And not to mention the emotional state... WE JUST DON'T WANT TO GO BACK! (well not entirely, of course we've missed friends and family.. we just don't want to "live" in colourless Cairo).

Note: using "we" everywhere might refer to Tifa and I, or might be the result of the thesis writing..

Now without further ado, my final German love list.... *sniff sniff*

♥ Autumn! The weather getting chilly over here but not uncomfortably cold, the trees getting all red, yellow and orange and leaves falling out into the air..

♥ Winter shopping.

♥ New friends that were made here.

♥ Everytime we go on an exploration trip through the city.

♥ Stuttgart vineyards.

♥ The great emotional state I've had all through my stay over here.

♥ The general organization, cleanliness and lack of noiiiiiiise. They take "If everyone cleaned infront of his doorstep, everywhere will be clean" literally.

♥ Non-alcholic lime and grapefruit beer. (Thanks teef!)

♥ "Red Girl" - a drink consisting of soda, cherry syrup, mint leaves and lime juice.

♥ I don't know if this will apply to anyone else.. but I love not eating out of boredom or having nothing else to do over here.

♥ The independence.

♥ Seeing that there's life after Cairo's virtual walls and getting this whole new perspective towards things.

♥ Everyone's nose is in thier own damn business. Nobody keeps judging me.

♥ That my German's a bit better. (And I'm planning to take German courses seriously once I'm back).

♥ ENJOYING work.

♥ Learning that "you are your own life's blacksmith" as a good friend put it..

♥ That nothing's really impossible unless you let it be.

♥ That it's been over a month since my birthday and the balloons are still in the office in perfectly good shape!

♥ Gliss Kur hair repair from Schwarzkopf - magic in a bottle.

♥ When people smile at me for no reason.

♥ Octopus sausages.

♥ All these varieties of almost ready made soups, especially the pirate one. Arrrr.

♥ El Chico burritos!!!

♥ The tracks of the week - "Viva la vida" by Coldplay and "On my way" by Rusted Root (remember Matilda? xD)

♥ Nice surprises from unexpected people.

♥ That I'm getting a reputation for my cooking! =D

♥ When I pack and actually manage to shut the zipper till the end.

♥ Salted liquorice.

♥ Rich memories of the good and not so good times alike.

Ich muss jetzt gehen, aber ich werde nie vergessen die Tage hatte ich hier.....

Good bye sweet Stuttgart.. You've given me the experience of a lifetime and so much more than that...

Till I see you again *hopefully*
- deine Lujee
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