Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday Recommendation - One For The Gals

I'm starting to miss writing here when I don't from Saturday through Wednesday. It's not that I can't write when I want to, it's just that anytime in between, I procrastinate... but when it's Wednesday again I feel like I HAVE to post.
But generally, I'm not so sure about the growing emotional attachment I'm having with this blog. Not against it though. I'm just thinking that if something would happen to it now, I'd be really upset. The EFF-OFF-I'VE-JUST-LOST-A-PIECE-OF-ME kind of upset too. Then again, Nutella cures all.

Today, and especially for all the gals out there, I'm recommending honey. No, not to eat. Although they keep saying it's one of the healthiest things to eat in the world, I could never really catch that wave. A spoon of it paralyzes my taste buds almost all day. Then again, I've recently been indulging in butter sandwiches with a taaaad of honey on 'em for breakfast.

So what am I recommending eggsactly? Honey. On the face.

It is liquid gold for the skin. Honey kills bacteria, viruses and fungus and is an amazing moisturizer as well as another great counter to acne. It's one of the easiest and most effective homemade facial masks. Simply apply raw honey all over your face (the fingertips will warm the honey enough to allow it to glide on smoothly) and let it stay for about 20 minutes or more. Some people like to leave it overnight too!

It's sweet how calm, soft and glowing my skin feels after rinsing the honey off. I slather honey on my lips as well for another great (and yummy) lip balm- it makes lips unbelievably soft and the sugars in the honey are a natural exfoliator. Honey also has amazing healing properties and makes a great natural antiseptic.

Try it out and thank the bees.
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