Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Art Attack - The Beeswax!

So they tell us that the bees in Germany this year have become "monstrous".
How, you ask? The amount of rain apparently decreased, therefore the blossoming flowers aren't as many (can't imagine how it would've been if they were "many", if this isn't!), so the bees have gone berzerk and are looking for substitutes like sweet pastry or illusions of flowers on people's clothes.

But just as a note, I haven't seen bees here during 4 months now as much as I did in 2 hours at the club back in Egypt. And those bees were monstrous! Going into Pepsi cans and lingering under the tables like they were waiting for a solidified nectar human to come along and make their day.

Anyhow, when a bee gets uncomfortably close to you, DON'T KEEP FRANTICALLY MOVING AROUND! It's not a house fly! It would possibly agitate the bee, which meant no harm in the first place, make it feel threatened and force it to attack.
Just stay still, it'll sniff around and go in it's own way before you know it. Unless you're dipped in honey. Then you're screwed.

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