Thursday, August 28, 2008

On this day

Twenty-one years ago. She was peacefully sleeping, or trying to anyway on a hot summer's night, anticipating spending her birthday with her unborn child, when she suddenly felt it was time. She was rushed to the hospital where she spent the first hours of her birthday in utter pain till they brought her her birthday gift, or curse, at 6 am, a tiny screaming baby girl.
The 28th of August would associate her birthday with her daughter's forever.
Since then, and until the girl would grow a bit older, her birthday would be overlooked at many times because of her daughter's, and she wouldn't care the least bit about it. Because she's a martyr like that.

Today, she turns forty-eight and her daughter officially becomes an adult, turning twenty-one.

Mom, I know that at many MANY times, I hadn't been exactly the best birthday gift. And that I've been a pain to get me here, and to have me here. I know you've been nothing but patient with me, that you've been supportive and loving all the way. You've had my back whether I was right or wrong. You've worked, ever since that day, for nothing but our well-being in every possible way. You've trained me to be everything that I am today. You've been my ultimate friend.
Writing this now, brings memories of humungous amounts of things we've been through along the years since that day, and I need you to know that you've been, and are, the most solid thing in my life. That you're my life support.
And now that your daughter's on the brink of adulthood, I hope for nothing more than to make you proud, and to work very hard to be the best birthday gift of your life.
I love you, mom. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


As for today, I have had the awesomest of birthdays yet!!

Tifa told me yesterday that the professor sent him an email asking to meet up with us at 9 am. I tried to sleep earlier than I normally do, really! But with me, unfortunately, sleep doesn't come at command.
I did wake up at 8 though, but dosed off again after I hit the alarm. I was indulging in a very interesting dream about a close friend getting a kneecap surgery on a table in the middle of a street with a burning building behind us that I wanted to continue, too.
I woke up again on my own at 10 to 9, cursing at myself and running all over the place repeating "oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!!!".. I quickly (understatement) got dressed, threw everything in the bag and went running down the street to the U-Bahn station. I found U4, one of the ones I take, boarding and about to leave, so I, almost stumbled, down the stairs to get to it in time. Tifa then called asking where I was and that the professor was there, increasing my already high heartrate. When the U-Bahn got to the station, I ran to the university and up to the office.

I open the door, and it's dark. I hardly put a foot in, and I find Tifa standing there, behind a birthday cake with lit "21" shape candles on it and a bunch of balloons all around the cake, with his camera shooting a video. I was contemplating about pouncing on him and killing him, but with that video being taken I would've been publicly incriminated. Trying to catch my breath, he kept shouting out "happy birthdaaaaaaay" and "make a wish!". I did and blew the candles. We turned on the lights and I saw what he had really done to the office! More balloons and he had written stuff on the board. There was also a gift in orange wrapping.

He had finally wrapped it himself after some failed trails =p... and I tore right through it! (sorry teef, maybe I shoulda saved it, loll)

It was a Nikon D40 kit!!!

I had wanted to get a good wide lens cam and was thinking about looking for one before we leave, but him getting me this was just....... *makes undefined squealing noises*!!! Just way too much!
I was, no, AAAM EXSTATIC! and speechless!! and that doesn't happen too often!

Then it was time for cake! But someone got plates and forgot the forks =p, so we cut it out with a plate bent in half and don't even ask how we ate it. Was loadsa fun though =D ... In the process of trying to cut through it, Beibei came and joined the festivities.
Here's a video from the middle of it all xD


Later on, the professor ACTUALLY sent us an email saying that he'd meet us in the afternoon. To kill time in the meanwhile, I tried to reply to some of the messages the people sent me on Facebook (thank you all very much! =D), but got bored shortly after. We played with the balloons, listened to some music and almost dosed off on the desks. The action had just been too much for 9 in the morning.

This is us being silly:

The professor came at about 4:30 pm and he was really happy with our progress. He liked the framework so far as well as the thesis. He gave us some pointers, cracked a joke about me being 12 not 21, because of the "2" and "1" candles lying around and left. And we left right after.

We went back to my place so I could leave the laptop and new cam there, and went down again, to another surprise! He wouldn't tell me where we were going if his life depended on it. All I knew was that is was someplace at Mohringen. When we got there, he pretended to talk to another of our friends who knew where the place was and then told me we had to meet one of that friend's palestenian friends and he'd show us where to go. That palestenian friend was supposedly sitting at a restaurant that we know well because some friends from the guc live at Mohringen and we've been there before. We get there and I find Reem, Khairy, Yasmin, Adnan and Tarek standing around a table singing me a happy birthday! =D It was so sweeet of them all! And there was more cake! looll .. Later on, other people joined. Rana, Minz, Assy, Abdelhalim (aka alshagara almothmera). Also, Nancy and Noran passed by before they caught their train back to Ulm.. =)

(I don't have many pictures on my cam because I was running out of memory space, so these will have to do for now)

(Thanks for making these peeps! They're so cute!)

Rana's going back to Egypt tomorrow, so she gave me loadsa stuff she's not taking back with her and thought I might need. Tifa carried it all. Because he's cursed like that.

We partied till we could party no more then went home. Was totally beat! So much that I couldn't even play around with my new cam! But was an exceedingly amazing daaay!! Loads of thanks for everyone that was there, everyone who called, everyone who left a happy bday wish on Facebook...

and Tifa.... his original plan was to actually take me bunjee jumping from a platform 190 meters high! =D Then meet up with the friends then take me to an animal shelter so I can play with all the doggiiiiiies!! looooll
But the bunjee people told him there were no spaces left this summer and there were no shelters near by.

So Tifa, thank you isn't even nearly enough! Couldn't have wished for a better bday.. and you know how much you mean to me bro... This is going to sound so cliche, but I truley do wish we stay as close as we are forever! Whether you like it or not, dude! =p
Because seriously people, friends like him don't just happen. They're eggstremely hard to come by. And I am one of the luckiest people alive because of my friends.

*hugs all around!!!*
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