Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday *sigh* Love List

I need your help today people. I'm really feeling low on the love this time and I'm doing this only upon the insisting request of a very special friend. *;D*

Thank you for all of you who had a go at rain dancing. I would say that it most definitely worked. Seemed like the clouds had been on a who-can-hold-it-in-longer contest until they all EXPLODED. In all imaginable ways.

Now to the part where I need your help. I'm afraid this list is going to fall a bit short, so I'm in dire need that you all REALLY share things you love. If not for yourselves, do it for a pal in need. Please. yeahkthnx.

I'm.. *struggling*.. looooving:

How Tifa's one of the greatest friends someone would be fortunate enough to have. Seriously.

The taste and aroma of this Lindt chocolate bar.

Hot soup in a cup.

The fortune cookie Elvira gave me today. It read "You are hyically strong and enjoy an iron health". If anyone knows what "hyically" is, please let me know. I'm guessing they meant physically. In German it read "Sie sind köperlich stark und haben eine eiserne Gesundheit".

Letting my hair grow long without it being in a horrible shape. Pollution differences between the two countries are really evident here.

Seeing progress with our project.

The new Brazilian dude that just moved in recently. Loadsa fun!

That another very good friend will be hopefully coming to Germany a bit later.

My mom. I could mention her in each single list of these and it wouldn't be nearly enough.

Hey, whaddya know! I am feeling a little better already! =D
But still, all your input is hugely appreciated!
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