Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Love List .. But I'm Hungry, Get Me Outta Heeeere!!

Yeah, so we're still at the university.
They had given Beibei a projector and speakers to watch the Olympics and she got them with her today so we can watch the opening ceremony together. Most of which, I watched alone because she forgot the speakers and went back to get them and Tifa was at the prayers and did some other stuff afterwards not knowing about the 6 hour time difference between China and Germany.. and DIDN'T TAKE HIS CELL PHONE WITH HIM LIKE I KEEP TELLING HIM TO! =p

I set up the projector and the board till Beibei came back. She missed the opening of the opening (which was be-au-tifuuuul) and mainly what she wanted to see out of the whole thing.. Then we've been watching the groups of all the countries march from 2 pm till 6:30 pm now..

The main thing that kept me watching it all was looking out for Egypt because a friend of mine from the badminton team when we used to play together has joined the Olymmpics this year! YAY! Didn't catch the person in the crowd though.

Beibe's also been making some remarks that has been shaking my belief in the Chinese.
Like when the people from Qatar were marching and they were wearing the traditional clothes with the "ghotra" and "shemagh" (whatever it's called in English that they wear over their heads).. and she goes:
Bebei: OHH that is funny guy!
Me: He's from the gulf area.
Me: uhm, no not him in particular.
Beibei: [disappointed] Oh, ok.

and later...
Tifa: You know what the 5 rings on the Olympics symbol represent?
Beibei: YAAAH YAAAAH the continents! uuuhm.. Africa, Asia, America, Europe .. and .. uhmm..
Tifa: You don't know the 5 continents?
Beibei: NO NOOO I know them! The one including Australia.. what it called?
Tifa: Sara *me writing this post at that time and wasn't paying attention*, why don't you join us. What are the 5 continents?
Beibei: YAAAH Africa, Asia, America, Europe, ...?
Me: lol, Australia.
Beibei: NOOOOO!
Me: uhm, yes.
Me: yes!
Beibei: [looking at Tifa] You sure?
Tifa: [trying so hard not to fall on the floor laughing] yeah.
Beibei: NOOO! It's-a called something else! pacific- uuhhhmm..
Me: It's Australia.
Beibei: [finally calming down] okay.

Please note that she's been living in Australia for the past 3 years.

and now I'M HUNNNNGRY!!
I could use the only Spanish sentence I know right now... because I don't get to say it much.. because it hardly ever applies. But right now, tengo tanta hambre que podria comer un caballo!

Now, I'm going to do this real quick or I'll eat the letters that spell "whopper" off my keyboard.


♥ Food!
♥ Online TV (if only it wasn't all in German).
♥ Tifa and I wearing matching T-Shirts today, hehe.
♥ All the comments on the last Friday Love List! Thank you all!
♥ Mamma Mia's whole soundtrack album.
♥ 20 days left till I'm 21!!
♥ That I was born on my mom's birthday.. and my uncle's! xD
♥ The engagement of one of my good friends is ALSO ON MY BIRTHDAY! (I'm just sad I wouldn't be able to attend it for vast geographical distances).
♥ Recently seeing people who just came from Egypt and haven't seen in 3 months now.
♥ Things sent from people from Egypt with the people I recently saw.. =D
♥ Finding money in a pocket I had forgotten about.
♥ Making lists.
♥ PIERCE BROSNAN! omgosh that guy gets hotter with age! (forgetting about the bits where I saw him in tights and a glittery 70's pop star suit on Mamma Mia. A memory that shall be forgotten, killed, incarcerated and buried somewhere where the sun doesn't shine)
♥ Hanging out in the corridor/terrace in front of my room's window.
♥ Taking pictures, making records and recently, shooting videos as well!
♥ Dancing and singing like no one's around or watching.
♥ Continuing NOT to bite my nails. ^^
♥ How good company keeps a lot of negativity away.
♥ How sometimes a phone call could turn your day around.
♥ Old people! Cuddling on benches, walking hand in hand along the park, arms around each other in the U-Bahn... The kyootest thing ever!
♥ People saying I look like Julia Roberts... is simply hilarious! xD
♥ Curls.
♥ Singing out loud even though Tifa gives me the "SHUT UUUUP WOMAN!!" look. Once, I did shut up when I got the look and right after that he opened the office door to find the cleaning lady coming right at him singing out loud. I just love the ways of the universe.. looll.

Pleaaaaase share the stuff you're loving too! Just like last time!

Now I'm off for FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! ciao ciao!
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