Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Love List - And A New Found Love It Is!

A new found love for the ways of the universe. A love for coincidences. A love for fate. A love for the sun shining at the precise moment that it needs to. A love for great friendships and most of all.... A deep appreciation for always having somewhere to get back to.

This Friday started out just like any other one before. We went to our office to work on the (now in its final phase *crossing fingers*) project, made fun of the wacko dorm mates, contemplated about how we'd hate going back and Tifa left for the prayers at noon.

Ever since this month started, almost nobody has been going to the university except us, a secretary, sometimes, and a singing cleaning lady, only when it's needed to show Tifa that my singing isn't half bad. The main door stays open everyday though, from 9 am till 5 pm. House rules. Anyone in the building after that can go out, but not come in again.

When Tifa got back today, we thought about having lunch at Pizza Hut for a change. It's just around the corner from where our institute is, so it wasn't really much hasstle to grab a bite and get back. At about 3 pm, we took our cellfones and wallets, went there and ordered their groß cheezycrust chicken supreme ohne salami pizza, which we initially intended to each eat on our own then decided to get one and split it up. And a good decision that was. We were really into our conversation, or more like, our fun as always who-can-prove-the-other-wrong debate (nah just kidding.. it was a very, ehm, normal conversation), when another friend of ours who was dropping by Stuttgart on a train transit gave Tifa a call and told him she'd be at the main station in 20 minutes or so. We paid and left the place with every very friendly staff member in the way throwing a "tschuß" at us. Felt like we're Pizza Hut royalty. All hail.

It was raining a bit outside and now we had two options, either head to the main station, meet up with her and see her to her other train then get back to uni to get our stuff, or get our stuff first. Right then, Tifa made a very clever observation; that it was already 4:20 and the university doors close at 5. So, we went back to Berufsakademie, continuing our conversation on the way, till we both held the front door and gave it a little push. It wouldn't budge. We looked at each other, I had my jaw open and Tifa let out a "shiiit!".

Tifa instantly started speed walking around the building towards the back door (that only lets people out of the building but not in unless you have the specific key for it, which we don't of course), when it occurred to me that we were looking at a whole weekend of not being able to get our things back so I cried out loud "Oh my god! It's Friday!!!", he gave me the sad speechless look, or maybe it was the DUH look with a tad of sadness in his eyes.. or maybe there was too much rain in my eyes.

He came back to the front door shortly after, shaking his head and I kinda burst out laughing. Was rather a nervous laughter though. We then went around asking every soul in sight (which were only a few) if they had a number we can call from the institute, a general operator for the city for example, anything we can do. But we got nothing.
One lady from an office with glass walls that was directly facing the institute wouldn't even talk to us. She shook her head and shut the blinders like we were asking if we could crash at her place for the weekend after she had seen us pick food from the garbage and pee in a corner or something.
We even tried to open, or hack, our way through the first floor windows by getting our arms in half-open ones and trying to turn the knob on the ones beside them, but it was too tight. We hurt our arms in the attempt.
A young lady we had asked before about any numbers we can call came by again in her car and told us that we can try something that might work. She parked and we walked behind her down the car garage. 3 stories down the car garage. Then up some stairs into the Berufsakademie, but not quite. There were still locked doors in our way and we couldn't really get in.

She went on her way and we got back to the front door. Tifa said he saw an open window on the last floor of the uni and the lights were on, so we went back around the building to check it out. The window panels of an office on the last floor were in fact flung open, just like the ones on our office. The rain had picked up its pace, there was a dead pigeon two feet away from where we were standing to get out of the rain and no one around. Almost like the whole area around our uni was abandoned. And we happen to be in the "city center".
Anyway, I started calling at that open window... "HELLOOOO!".. "ANYONE IN THE BERUFSAKADEMIE?!".. "HEEEELLEEEeeeEEEWW!".. My voice echoed, Tifa made fun of how it sounded, and we got nothing from the open window.
I then called Beibei, she hadn't come to the office today. I asked her if she had that secretary's number or any number for someone working there. I had meant personal numbers. She opened the university website and gave me office numbers. Empty office numbers. Which I tried calling anyway and very naturally got nothing. It was almost 6 pm on a Friday, in AUGUST! Oo
She did offer that we go stay with her if we need a place to sleep, though.

Tifa and I went back to the front door. I sat down on the floor, a little spot just infront of the door that the rain couldn't get to. Tifa went around again, looking for any spec of hope. He came back and told me he asked the guy working at the Schlusselhilfe shop just near the uni if he had any numbers and he told him, yeah! wait a minute, I think I have the Hausmeister's number. Then he went inside and came back out telling him that he doesn't. Like Tifa had any more bubbles to get bursted at that moment.
We were talking about what we would do if we couldn't get our things back. Our things. The laptops, passports, and most importantly, HOUSE KEYS! Thank god we had our wallets and phones on us though.
Tifa said that they had an open empty room in his WG that people use when they come to visit. It's tenant apparently should have been there two months ago but hadn't arrived yet. He was telling me that I can use that room and he'd sleep in the kitchen till this is all over.
3 days in the same state, not being able to change or shower and far from the comfort of our own rooms. Homeless for 3 days.. *shudders* . I burst out laughing again.

It was about 6:30 pm, everyone in offices around had left, raining, grey and we were getting worn out. Tifa went around trying with the windows again. I was sitting there, my back to the door, looking at the sky and imagining things like in animation films where they get you the same unchanged scene and the daytime and night coming and going over it. Don't ask.

I saw Tifa coming back to where I was sitting and was so close to saying that there's nothing more we could do over here, but I shut it out and told myself in my head, someone will come!!! Right at that instant, AND I SHIT YOU NOT, someone from inside the institue knocked on the glass door I was resting my back on.


It was an old lady. We almost jumped her to the ground. We were all like .. our stuff's inside! we got locked out! oh my god thank you! She probably couldn't make out a single word from what we were saying in the beginning.
She asked what we were doing there and we told her we worked there and the whole story slowly. She said she heard me and saw me calling at the window!!! But didn't think it was for her! My god, woman! I was specifically asking if anyone was in the Berufsakademie!! But I loved her too much at that moment to think much about it. She also told us that we were very lucky, because she normally works until 2 pm and she had to stay till this late today by coincidence.
She came up with us while we collected our things and locked the front door behind us.

Coincidentally, the rain had just stopped and the sun shone with complete radiance behind the scattering clouds. And if not for our ribcages, I think we would have probably been chasing our hearts all the way down Konigstrasse. We were SO releived, it was euphoric! We walked down Konigstrasse instead of taking the underground, laughing about the whole thing and thanking the heavens we weren't left homeless, showerless and everything-that-makes-us-comfortable-less for the whole weekend!!

It's true, it's always the darkest hour of the night before dawn. And the feeling of emotionally hitting rock bottom then being revived, is priceless!

I love the twists and turns of fate.
I love that I had a best friend with me through it all, and another one on the phone.
I love that I wasn't forced to go through not being able to get back into my room for 3 days.
I love that everything happens in its own time.
I love life..

And definitely love my room. uhhuuuuh, uhhuuuh, oh yeaaah, uhhuuuuh.
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