Friday, August 8, 2008

Are You In An "In Love" State Too?

For it being Friday, where the love is shared here at chez Lujee's, for being mentioned in it and for it, in my opinion, being excellently written.

A good friend of mine, Dee, or Irish cream bear as I like to call him, was contemplating, or just had nothing better to do since he's a brand new graduate now (=p), and wrote this note as a result:

"This week has not been going so well, there is nothing to complain about, yet nothing that gives this “push” that you need to keep on moving. What makes it more difficult is that I had exceptionally more time to think, the more you think, the more “pushes” you need.

And as you know thinking takes us way away, and I was thinking “am I in love?” so between the yes and no, the who, and the what ifs I realised something. I am watching my friends (and myself occasionally) one starting a relationship and the other ending one. Some are already married; others are breaking up after years and years of engagement. So what the h*ll is it all about. Why do we put ourselves in this state of misery? Don’t get me wrong, and don’t think that I want to stay one more minute without a partner, just read till the end, then judge ; D

So it all stars with you accidently/occasionally/casually meet this gorgeous girl “or a guy 3lshan mala2ysh racism accusations”. By the way “gorgeous” doesn’t have to be only about the outer looks, a little bit of inner and outer beauty, then the first thing you think of is “wow isn’t she great or what! I wonder if she is available” then you make your analysis “how would it be, will we click or will we crack, will she stay gorgeous when I know her better, ...”, and the most important of all questions “do I even have a chance with her”. Then you lie to yourself about everything she does to put yourself in this “in love” status, creating signs that don’t actually exist, just to live in this dream that she likes you back, and for girls who are reading this, this state may take a very long time. Anyway, you are trying your best to connect with her, although you haven’t figured out the answers of any of your questions yet. Then time passes by and you are still at your best and still couldn’t find the answer to your questions, you are literally lost between the mixed signs you are receiving and the hope that they are not just illusions. And as the signs change, your mood swings back and forth, and of course this mood swings affects your perception of the “signs”, and at the first sign of sympathy from her side, you go “hey, was that a sign” and you cheer-up for a while.

It is strange, how we willingly put ourselves in this state of misery. Maybe it is because of the amazing “prize” that waits at the end of the line. But why isn’t the love that we already have in our lives enough! I know I am “in love” with my family, I am “in love” with my friends, I am “in love” with the beach, I am “in love” with movies, I am “in love” with corky comedy tv-shows, I am “in love” with Rotaract, I am “in love” with Sue’s “Friday Love List”, I am “in love” with PS, I am “in love” with my soccer team (despite the fact that we never actually played together), and I think I am “in love” with being in love.

To sum up, this note is a true story, a story that I have been living for quite some time ... but the questions still stands still; am I out of my league, does she have a clue, am I in a state of “in love”,!?

I can’t answer all the questions, except for the last one, the answer is YES. Definitely I am in love, how can I not be in love with friends like you, wonderful friends like you reading my silly note :D

What about you, are you in a state of “in love”?! Please share with us = ) "

So what do you all think about the "in love" state and the "misery" some people put themselves through?
Too tired to write my own opinion right now, maybe in the morning.
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