Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday Recommendation

Can't believe it's Wednesday already.. time isn't just flying, it's on a jet plane!

It's been EXTREMELY hot here in Stuttgart.. too hot to do quite anything.
I have this theory... and it might take you by surprise, but trust me, you could take my word for it..

Germans are more heat-enduring than Egyptians are.. TOTALLY! You know why? Because us Egyptians, are creatures that don't blend so well with the heat. Yes, Egypt is a lot hotter than here at times.. and yes, it hardly rains in Egypt so it's mostly hot and dry all through the summer.. BUT.. when it's as hot in Egypt as it is here, we kinda live through the day in air conditioned places. We have the AC on at our homes, we have the AC on in our cars if we go somewhere.. and the AC would be on in that "somewhere" we're going to.

I had the worst experience with the heat here today.. the office was like a greenhouse, the U-Bahn (underground) was airless and my room is feeling like a vegetable steamer! And the AC isn't a very popular invention around here..

Anyway, the purpose of this post is this week's "RECOMMENDATION"..
and the spotlight goes tooooo... *drum roll* ... this website!

All the movies, series, cartoons and shows you could ever want to see, new or old, available to watch online with no strings attached. Quite lovely actually..

The only concern someone like me might have is using up my "quota".. since I'm currently connected to this network made for students, each of us gets about 30 GB of downloads and uploads per month then we get cut off.. but apart from that, I wouldn't have a worry in the world..

Don't wait for a movie download for .. I don't know how many days.. when you could just watch them directly online! =D
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